Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Sandals

I knew for a long time that as long as there any Manga, Anime, Games or Light Novels Characters on the any item, it would be seen as a Anime goods.

And that is very true, but now that even shoe is part of it, I wonder what to call it; Anime Goods or Anime Shoe?

Well, just a piece of my mind, but let go for the normal sandals which many people in Singapore tend to wear when going out to the nearby market to grab stuffs.

Beach Sandals @Amiami
-IdolM@ster 765 Pro
[Or go to Amiami.com and search "Sandals"]

I would think that in Japan, it really best for many to wear sandals on the beach, so that they are easily remove and the person can go and take a dip. But in Singapore, instead of calling Sandals, many call it Slippers, and they wear it for walking session, from nearby market to even Shopping mall.

As per why they are call Slippers here, I don't sure about it, but the thing is, when wearing them, one can slip and fall easily from it.

Well, they are not cover shoe in the first place. But interestingly, many sandals are having designers brand, which can costs up to more than Singapore $50.

Many would quote "Only the rich will buy one la", but there are some who argue about the materials being goods, while some think that the shop is selling the price due to brand name.

Well, the Sandals from Cospa are really nice due to the design with the Series Characters inside. There are also other company with Sandals, but I do had to give credit Cospa for most Anime goods I seem so fast.

Well, at the cost of around 1,500 Yen (ard SGD 20), those sandals are good to wear, but there are some who don't dare to wear them.

Of course I can understand that, who want to step on those cute characters? Well, maybe there are who prefer to just keep them, or displace them at home instead of wearing it.

It not like someone can see what you wearing when you are stepping on the design which you supposed to show to other, or unless you got invisible feet will then I got no comments.

Like any other shoe, those sandals will wear out the longer / more the one wear them for walking session. Regardless, it still good to have them, as they are actually more affordable if one want to grab them for walking session.

Well, it actually might look weird, but displaying those sandals on wall might look funny, but what one can think off is to place them on the bottom / lower part of any display. One must know that it best not to have shoe above one height. I remember some saying or superstition about it, but just play safe. It not like you want to get hit by a sandals to your head, right?

I sure many know what a sandal is and do wear them, while there are also some who don't, but let just ask around; Do you prefer a plain looking or a interesting nice design Sandals?
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