Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writing thing out

For those who waiting for most of my blog on Anime and Manga, would be great if you could just wait bit longer.

Well, I still writing on my own work, and there some other work, and though as much as I like to peek into Anime and Manga, I still need to go for some other stuffs first.

Well, I can getting bit of tired due to some works outside, which I tend to tell my sister for anyhow dragging me into her pace sometime. Still, a work is a work, and I had extended some of my time to do the work there despite needing to finish on my personal work.

I still want to finish up on my story, and doing some post of Anime, which I had peeked, and always had not the right time to do them. Well, I will try to post as many as I can, for the next two thing. But as my deadline is reaching, I had to go for that first.

The only thing that I need to recheck and redo is how smooth the story go. Need to be interesting, and at the same time touching.

But I really wonder how my story will be heading. Well, it not like will become a Manga like out of nowhere. But that what I wished for once.

Anyway, I still need to play with some of my Nendoroid, and some photo taking of them too. I really how much I can drag my little nap time to the less. I still sleeping now even when I typing out stuffs.

Well, as much as I hate and love it, time to head and finish up on my stuffs for now.
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