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Mahou Shoujo of the End

Mahou Shoujo of the End
Magical Girl of the End

Creator - Sato Kentaro


Published in Bessatsu Shounen Champion (Akita Shoten)
2 Volumes [Ongoing]

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If you love Magical Girl and hate Zombie stuffs, or even human dying with their body part part flying anywhere and anyhow, better don't even think about go peeking into this Manga.

I did remember I do post this type of manga, which I ended up peeking due to Curiosity, and it get the better of me, and "Attack of the Titan" is one of the series which I peek from the start and way before the Anime started. But due to nightmare, I ended not posting it.

Anyway, the story is about how a normal life high school boy, Kogami Kii, who want something to happen, and there, he got his wish granted, where Japan is now under the attack of Magical Shoujo.

Well, one might said that Kuubey is behind all this where a strange looking girl appear in the school gate, and killing one of the teachers, where she blow off his head. Thing is, Kogami acted as if nothing happen and that it might be due to his stress while in the test exam.

So he went to the washroom to wash himself, but one scream take just "wake" him up where he rushed back to the toilet and to see all his classmate die after getting "blow" off  by the same mahou shoujo. But this mahou shoujo is like some doll which is broken due to her eye all rolled up.

Even though he couldn't save his friends, he was able to managed to save his love crush with a bat and hitting the mahou shoujo many times over and over in the head. Or so he thought.

The Mahou Shoujo, not only did she repeatedly saying "Magical" again and again, she went and blow half the head of the love crush.

Wow, talk about a crushing death, but that not all, those who die, were able to be resurrected by the Mahou shoujo into zombie. This actually got my tongue. I really need to give the Creator a run of the money, from Magical Girl killing human instead of saving them, now the human are turning into Zombie?!

Oh.. the horror and the end!

Anyway, the thing about the school is that now many students and teachers are turning into zombie, and the living are being killed off by the zombie.

Which in turned having only a few survive. Kagami's childhood friend, Fukumoto Tsukune, being with his side from the start. Thing is, when Kagami and a few were able to survive and escape, they just got their hope lost.

Turned out that there were something like a dark circle in the sky, and there are many different Mahou Shoujo who start killing off people.

Because I did mentioned that Mahou Shoujo lover shouldn't read this manga, I think many hater might like this. Well, anyway those mahou shoujo aren't cute or pretty at all; which come to maybe Kuubey was the culprit, but there isn't a crossover for this manga.

Another thing interesting about the Main Characters cast, when you peek along, you just had to think carefully who really should be in the MC cast since many of them die off before long, and their death really is unexpectedly.

Even for those who are legal for the MC cast, they still die off from attack after a few chapters. But the thing and truth about this whole killing is the Mahou Shoujo of the End Project, where it was prepared for something big and finale, but any further is not reveal.

And those who think that Fukumoto who survive the longest is the heroine; Think again. I got my mind blown off when I go and peek at the Raw which reveal all the truth about the project, but there is much more to the project.

Really hate it where the true heroine was the one who "bully" Fukumoto in Chapter 1 - Sayano. Well, the time is there is a mahou shoujo who power is to send people back in time, and that Kagami and Sayano with 2 more were able to know what happen somehow. But one of them die after they all get back.

Well, I not going to spoil much about the story, but my reason is clear that if you're interested or curiosity got the better of you, then go and peek.

Because many just die off fast, or a chapters or two later, I will just said and place Kagami and Sayano and the MAIN main main ... Characters.

What happened to Fukumoto?

Well, I hate to spoil it to you, but let just said that she actually the bad girl here. And that you really should go and peek at the latest Raw which reveal the truth. Just having me saying that she the bad girl already reveal half the story.

But there is another thing I had to give the creator the run of the money is how the story plot was able to run smoothly despite the characters killing off, and at how the story plot was twisting about and around. The action and movement of the art can somehow easily let one imagine what happen.

For me, I will recommended this Manga for a short reading, and that now this Season being Summer, it really is a good thing to peek into scary or ghost story. I do hope you don't go having nightmare, but if you do, then stop peeking into this.

Also, for Mahou Shoujo lover, you can try to peek, but that depend on you, but mahou shoujo hater might like this, and at the same time not. Just that mixing Killer Mahou Shoujo with Zombie being their minions. The world is truly going to end.

If you come across a Mahou Shoujo of the end, what will you do?
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