Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Having a Hazy Week

Well, the Haze in Singapore was getting worst, with the top reading for the day was 170, which is actually very very healthy.

Even for me, I need to take care of myself, and still wondering for my walking session tomorrow. If still worst, I will at most go on a Friday instead.

If you're wondering, I been at home, and went out for part time too. But the haze is changing from good to bad, and back to good before it get worst again.

The PSI reading is like a stock market, which too bad isn't something one can buy.

Problem is that I need to stay at home more instead, but at least I can peek into anime and manga for the time being.

For the hazy weather, it is best and recommend to wear face mask, but too bad they get sold out fast since many would want to wear it just in case.

It really good to wear the face now, so that one will not intake much of the haze.

Now that I think about it, if the haze really get worst, the most I need is to wear some mask, or scarf to cover my mouth and nose.

The haze is really getting bad, which even my mum didn't told me to open the window. Well, if I do open it up, my hiding spot is going to get the haze, which will be a big problem.

Well, I do hope a very heavy rain can happen so that the air can be more fresh. The haze is really getting worst to the point that it hard to see much far. So for those who drive, best to slow down for now, even if you're in a rush.

As for now, maybe I do want to peek at some anime with nice weather instead.
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