Friday, June 7, 2013

Walking yesterday, playing today

Yesterday went out for a peeking session at some PC and stuff at Expo. But surely it getting bit of boring, due to many of the booths being concentrating on PC and Laptop.

There used to have some booth that got other stuffs and there even a RAZER booth, but seem like it just a small booth this time.

Well, even for a 2 hours of walking and peeking, there actually isn't any right stuffs to grab with, but there are many other buyers down there to grab stuffs, even if they not useful in the first place.

But of course there are really buyers who need those stuffs. This time it would seem to me that the biggest one would the 3 Telecom in Singapore; M1, Starhub and Singtel trying to sell their Plan product.

Well, I not interested in those myself, but anyway the next stop was Takashimaya for some books peeking and food biting.

Getting back and the first thing in my mind was to just get to sleep as early as possible, but in the end I was peeking into Light Novels before sleeping.

Anyway, I do want to play with my Nendoroids more, and somehow scary, the casing which I bought ages ago, can actually fix in Nendoroid and Figma, just for a price of 2 bucks.

I had to give my hat to Daiso for the casing. If the figma / Nendoroid got extra stuff need to add in, that's that. Which mean those casing only allow just the base figurine in only. Well, if I going to display them, at the very least, I got something to show and at least place those figurine in. I can't stand dirts most of the time.

But if I want to play with them, well, they easier to take and snap some photo. As for now, maybe the best would be continue peeking at the Light Novel I left with a few more pages.
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