Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 18 June 2013

This week we are going to peek at 2 type of figurines, the mature beauty and the cute and moe type.

If you asking me, they are pretty, but it just so happen that this week we are peeking into this 2 types.

First off, from the famous Persona Series (Shin Tensei Megumi). The rapier user and mature beauty.

Mitsuru Kirijou (1/7) @Amiami

Well, considering her age for Persona 4, she do need to look mature, but from Persona 3, she actually is mature, and a beauty on top of that.

And this time she is ready to strike down anyone that get in her way. Also, if you want her to either wear or not for the glasses and jacket, that your choice too, but for me, not wearing the jacket, except for the glasses do made her look more cooler too.

Another ready to strike down anyone with her katana seem to have her top torn to piece.

Ikaruga (1/8) @Amiami

Getting her clothes torn to pieces and revealing her swimsuit seem legal, if you asking me why.

The one who did that do earn a praise from me, which Ikaruga seem ready to strike down anyone and at the same time showing no emotion from it.

Well, maybe she need someone to stare her a few times to made her notice it, but you might get strike down from that instead.

Instead, I might stare at some cute and nice girls instead.

Totooria Helmold (1/8 | 19 Year Old Ver.) @Amiami

If you wondering that is her 19 Year old version, which meant that she grow more mature and yet seem to look the same when she's 13.

I wonder what she would look like when she is grown up, but this is also cute. It also seem that the pose is to show that she is taking her step carefully, but for the guys, don't expect to see much from her chest.

Chimu-chan is also come along with her, and looking cute as ever too.

Let just say this next one look mature and cute at the same time.

Megpoid GUMI (1/8) @Amiami

Maybe due to her look, she look more mature, yet at the same time being cute.

Well, I still find her bright color very bright indeed, which she look cheerful as ever.

Also it would seem that this time, her base is also colorful and bright too. And having Gumi do that one leg stand pose, and pointing at herself, do made her look cute.

If someone other try to do the same pose, it might look good for some, and bad for other. Well, it still depend. And Gumi is listening to her headset too.

Well, though the Anime had ended, the Light novel isn't going to, so I been peeking into it for a while.

Yoshino (1/8) @Amiami

Looking cute with that costume, which really made her a big bunny cute girl, and yoshinon is with her.

If in case all doubt about it, the puppet on her hand isn't just Yoshino, but more like the big monster bunny that attack many in the first place.

Just that the puppet when they are not attacking and making it look more cuter.

Yoshino also look cute in the story, which many can't stop to stare at her, or even help her too.

But despite her look, she do able to do a lot, and think thing though.

Another girl who also looking cute, and have the power of god.

Sasami Tsukuyomi (1/8 | Pajama ver.) @Amiami

From what I remembered, I don't remember that they having her pajama version, since she IS always in that dress.

And it was a pajama too.

She is a hikikomori, so her choice of clothing isn't much of a problem. But maybe due to that, one of her side is revealing her shoulder though.

But there is a girl who like to go out and try to be popular.

Chiwa Harusaki (1/8) @Amiami

She do been called as the Chihuahua, plus she tend to "bark" more and not bite. Making her the best bite worst than bark in the series.

Still, considering her young look, she is 3 months older than the main boy in the story, which you might mistake her as his younger sister instead.

But that is her cute side, and having to do thing indirectly and trying to get the attention of the main boy. I really wonder how the main boy can be dense, and not at the same time.

She use to wear her uniform, this time she is in her lab coat.

Kurisu Makise (White Coat ver. | Figma) @Amiami

Really do made her look more mature, and a lab person than when she is in her uniform. Also, she can tuck her hands in to her coat if you want her too.

I really had to give that praise, and I really been wondering, do all those people who wear lab coat, like to tuck their hands into the coat pocket.

Or do it made them look cooler. Either way, since this is a figma, Kurisu can cross her arm too.

Now that the weather is hazy in Singapore, I need a nurse to take care of me.

Super Sonico (1/7 | Koakuma Nurse ver.) @Amiami

The haze can made many sick, with those of heart and/or lung problem getting worst.

Sadly, I had to admit that I currently experiencing breathing problem and I do have heart problem myself.

So Super Sonico might be the best choice to ask, and you don't get to see a black nurse uniform. It do made her look more sexy and mature too.

But I might die from massive nose bleeding due to that fact that you can remove her nurse uniform and reveal her lingerie instead.

If you do not have a nurse fetish, then you can go for her while she is brushing her tooth.

Super Sonico (1/8 | Tooth Brushing Ver.) @Amiami

I do prefer she wear that towel, or cloth, or what ever it is since it got the bunny ear.

It do made her look cuter, plus you don't get to see much figurines brushing clean their tooth too.

But I really wonder what do Super sonico tend to wear indoor. Also I need to give praise for this one, due to the mug really seem to have fake water inside.

Due to the weather in Singapore, it best not go out and play though, but let take a peek at one last one before I go and nap.

Sora Takanashi (1/4 | Swimsuit Ver.) @Amiami

Someone do remind her not go out, since it hazy in Singapore and a storm typhoon is expect in Japan.

So no going to the beach for now. Well, maybe looking her wearing that just made her look more cuter too.

I not sure about in door swimming pools though. But that still depend on the place and her choice.

Well, so far we had seem many figurines, which are cool, nice, sweet. But for the female type, there the mature and cute type.

So if you grab a figurine, do you go for the mature or the cute type?
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