Monday, June 17, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Pinched Keychain / Strap

If you wondering how cute to pick one cute and small character up like a Titan, then you might want to go for those Pinched Keychain / Strap from Cospa.

Well, long before the Attack of Titan Anime was air, those pinched straps are very cute, in which keychain was also added.

I might prefer the keychain, since they can help to keep a close watch on the keys.

But if you asking me, they are also good for decorating, where you are hanging them on the wall, and they just hanging around.

If you notice, those characters are being grabbed from their clothing, and sadly for Nami of One piece, she not going to have a nice hanging around.

Though some will do some nice pose, it still depend on which one you want to grab with your clean hands.

Pinched Keychain / Strap @Amiami
One Piece
-Luffy @Strap | @Keychain
-Nami @Strap | @Keychain
-Usoppu @Strap | @Keychain
-Zoro @Strap | @Keychain
-Sanji @Strap | @Keychain
-Chopper @Strap | @Keychain
-Chopper in a bag @Strap | @Keychain
-Franky @Strap | @Keychain
-Robin @Strap | @Keychain
-Brook @Strap | @Keychain
-Law @Strap | @Keychain
-Ace @Strap | @Keychain

Love Live! 
-Honoka Kosaka @Strap | @Keychain
-Kotori Minami @Strap | @Keychain
-Umi Sonoda @Strap | @Keychain

Sword Art Online
-Kirito @Strap | @Keychain
-Asuna (SAO) @Strap | @Keychain
-Asuna (ALO) @Strap | @Keychain
-Lyfa @Strap | @Keychain
-Suguha @Strap | @Keychain
-Yui @Strap | @Keychain

-Kirino Kousaka @Strap | @Keychain
-Kuroneko @Strap | @Keychain
-Ayase Aragaki @Strap | @Keychain

-Sena Kashiwazaki @Strap | @Keychain
-Kobato Hasegawa @Strap | @Keychain
-Yukimura Kusunoki @Strap | @Keychain
-Maria Takayama @Strap | @Keychain
-Rika Shiguma @Strap | @Keychain
-Yozora Mikazuki @Strap | @Keychain

-Saber @Strap | @Keychain
-Irisviel @Strap | @Keychain
-Waver @Strap | @Keychain
-Kiritsugu @Strap | @Keychain
-Archer @Strap | @Keychain
-Rider @Strap | @Keychain

Senran Kagura
-Katsuragi @Strap | @Keychain
-Hibari @Strap | @Keychain
-Asuka @Strap | @Keychain
-Ikaruga @Strap | @Keychain
-Yagyuu @Strap | @Keychain

Choose the one you want wisely, and slowly, I really went all out to done the linking to Amiami site as fast as I can.

They are very good for decorating, but now with the new ear-piece jack type strap, the newer strap are more of a decoration than holding on to the phone.

Some might forget about it and try to grab the strap rather than the phone.

I know those characters are important, but grabbing on to the phone will save them too. Unless you are rich and want to grab a new phone, then go ahead. One thing that I do want to warn is the ear-piece jack pinch strap.

Well, they are to be placed on the phone, but for me as I tend to listen from my phone for music, it not going to do me any good, but I might grab some of them and used them as decoration by hanging on wall, bookshelf or even wardrobe.

They are made of rubber, so you don't need to worry if they get wet, especially for the keychain when you going out and get wet from raining or someone pouring water over you. Well, Luffy is rubber man though.

The reason why I mentioned that they are call pinched, is that they are like you grabbing them by clothes, which is same as pinching them. Yet, they can still look so cute and having them to pose even when they are just hanging around. And do you aware that you are very big as compare to them? Which is why I same it same the same you being the Titan and they are the human.

Well, if you want to grab a Pinched keychain / straps with your clean hands, what is your choice(s)?
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