Monday, June 3, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 3 June 2013

Well, as much as I hate to admit, I do had to do some part time work for now to get some pocket money.

And why that?

Well, just some stuffs to grab with my clean hands of course.

Spring Miku Full Graphic T-shirt @Amiami
-Size S
-Size M
-Size L
-Size XL

It may be going to be Summer soon, though Singapore is experiencing it now. Having to wear some Spring shirt might be one way to let one remember the joy of Spring, with the Sakura still blooming with Miku.

Some might hate Spring, while there are also some who love them. It really a good season way better than a hot weather and the only way to escape the hotness is get some air con or cold drink. But one still can't escape the heat.

Maybe one can get a fan, and while using it, enjoying the view of Miku with Sakura. If you want, wear the shirt too.

Spring Miku @Amiami
-Wall Scroll
-Cleaner Cloth

If you wonder why the Cleaner cloth, of course it isn't for using but to collect it and admire it. You use it as a decoration like a wall scroll.

Just that it smaller in size. And you can bring it a long to admire it if you wish too. As for me, I would possibly going with the Sensu which is more portable and best to use it under the hot sun.

It would seem that there is a load of cycling jersey, with the long and short sleeves, and there just so many size and different characters.

But I would not be going to list them all out, but I would be putting out just one of them. If you prefer to grab them, just check them out at Amiami site for more.

Cycling Jersey @Amiami
(Short Sleeve)
-Chihaya Kisaragi (4XL)
-Iori Minase (4XL)
-Yukiho Hagiwara (4XL)
(Long Sleeve)
-Chihaya Kisaragi (4XL)
-Haruka Amami
-Hibiki Ganaha

There are just those who dare to wear those nice jersey to cycle, and still look so cool in them.

Well, don't ask me why with the short and long sleeve. If you think the weather is hot, then go for the short one, if cold, then the long one.

Well, I don't have a bike myself, so I can't buy a jersey. But for some, they might just grab it for future investment of thinking of wanting to ride a bike. Might never know. I doubt I would wear that as a normal clothing if you're asking me that.

For those who love to wear a jacket with the bunny loop, and a bunny at the back, well it seem one of the vocaloid characters clothes is out.

Yukari Yuzuki Parka @Amiami
-Size S
-Size M
-Size L

The bunny ear isn't the bunny ear look, but it more like having a hoodie with 2 look strap on top.

With this, it actually more better to look like a bunny, and yet not embarrassing to have the ear. It more style with that, but the pink might be a bit overkill for some who not suit with that color.

But from what I see, it actually look cool too, but the reason why I not grabbing that is that the weather is too hot to wear that, plus they doesn't seem to have a XL size.

For those who like that and can wear with the size, then go ahead. It really seem cool to me, but once you wear it, it going to be warm and hot.

Enough clothing for now, and let take a look at some metal charm strap, and surely those little girls look very cute.

Vividred Operation - Trading Metal Charm Strap Box @Amiami

Well, you can expect the number will be having most of the Vividred Team to have their school uniform mode and their transformation mode.

If you asking me, their transformation clothes made them look like cheer leader to me. Just that they can fight and be cute at the same time. There is Rei in her uniform mode, but I guessing the secret one might be Akane's imouto.

Those stainless steel strap would be a lovely collection to grab with my clean hand.

They just look so cute and nice to peek at too.

Well, I not sure how many uses this pouch can have, but from what I look, it sure good to use it for hand held console.

Love Live! School Idol Project - Multipurpose Pouch @Amiami

From what I peek, the outside and inside actually look so cool and nice, which you peek at some cute girl when you open the pouch.

But if it to hold some handphone or hand held game console, then it sure is nice to have it, considering the size is actually fine for some. But I wonder how many other uses it can have too. Well, I might never know more than some.

Well, enough talking for now, and maybe I need to drink some water to cool off. But there are so many different "container" to fill water in.

-Hinagiku Katsura (Mug w/Lid) @Amiami
-Hayate the Combat Butler Heroine (Straight Tumbler) @Amiami
-Kuroneko(Glasses) @Amiami
-Kirino & Ayase & Kanako (Glasses) @Amiami

Well, drinking some water might (or not) taste somehow tasty from what I know. Also one can peek at those lovely cute girls to improve your peeking eye.

Well, technically you are grabbing them with your hands when you drinking water. Unless your can drink without touching them then you might be good. Of course that do not count for the drinking using a straw on top of a table etc.

Anyway. there are sure a few anime stuffs which I wanted to grab, but as I mentioned, try grabbing those that you would need, or prefer. Well, there are something call collecting.

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