Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thinking things over and over

Sometime I just want to sleep early, while there are time when I peek into Anime, Manga and Light Novels.

And sometime I played some games to chill off. But the only thing was that time is the main factor for me to do all those.

Including of having some part time work and doing some personal work.

Well, I can say that my current Neet statue need to change to Free Lancer at time. Well, I do need the money to support some Manga and maybe some figurines.

But having done all this, I still going to continue blogging. I did heard from some to stop blogging and to concentrate on what I doing.

Yet I still want to share via blogging, and there been many changes of style in each post, depending on my time on doing that post blog. If I got the time, I will try to go for more info, or words. But when I not, I try to cut short, but still the post can still be long.

Yet, to think that I been avoiding Anime and Manga posting for now. Well, can understand many who want to know what I been peeking into.

But rest assure, I actually repeek at past series, with of course most of them I did post in the Anime and Manga section posts.

I do have some other to peek into, but of course as I mentioned many times, I need to repeek one more time before I do an actual post. Reason simple - I got a very bad harddisk and RAM in my Brain System. Easily forget some part of the story at some point.

Well, not always, but when I get distracted or need to do some other stuffs, I tend to forget some of the series. So weekly I may peek into those series which I liked, I still peek into them once in a while from the start, or middle of the story to refresh the mind of what happen in a row, than partly which don't really link the whole picture of the story.

Even some minor stuffs are easily forgotten or overlook.

But for now, time to peek at some light novel and rest for the day.
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