Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mada's Figurine Report 11 June 2013

One thing that bother me for this past week was that the weather was too freaking hot, and I sure sweat a lot from just a little walk, even for a very short distance.

Well, I do prefer to get some fan cooling me while I peeking at some figurines to check them out.

First off, well, I can't deny that I like Lightning, as she is my favor character so far in the games series.

Lightning @Amiami

The third series seem to be coming out, but what I find it bit disappointment was that the story for all three not in link with each other that much.

But nevertheless, they are interesting though the second sequel was the cliff hanger. Hopefully the third one would finally close the curtain, despite the story line is confirm to be different from what one can expected.

From a soldier cloth to a knight, and not she seem like a wanderer warrior who is in a future world. I really wonder how she can just go around and do what she like. Well, she still my favor character in the game no matter what.

Next two would be some girls in body suit, and first off, from one my favor anime.

Rei Ayanami @Amiami

Well, Rei can pose and move at what you want her to pose, but do note that she isn't the same figma by Max Factory / Good Smile Company.

For an Evangelion Fan, she is the most favor by many, but to be frank, the first is Asuka for me, and Mari isn't that bad too.

In anyway, no matter what, those girls are sure very famous, in which one would know who they are, mostly due to their body suit.

But the girls in Yamato Battleship are also in body suit too.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 @Amiami
-Yuria Misaki
-Akira Yamamoto
-Yuki Mori

Well, there are many other series which having girls in body suit anyway. Maybe having them in suit just made those girls look more sexy.

Well, it sure can like one know their body curve and shape.Or we can just said that because it fix just nicely into the body, so the artist don't really need to go and do much edit, just need to add in the detail.

But I really wonder if Akira do have that size for her breast. The anime seem to show that she got bit smaller though.

Still, if a body suit made one look sexy, then I think that some clothing made those girls cute?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica @Amiami
-Mami Tomoe
-Madoka Kaname

Well, maybe it seem to be true for most, as those girls sure look cute in their costume.

Just that I don't wanna get shot by either a bullet or an arrow though. It do seem that the Cu-poche series sure have a few cute girl pose nicely.

How it really work I not very sure, but I remember there are magnet as the base. At least you can see them pose in action too.

Maybe having clothes can made one cute, but it also can made them pretty for some.

Makoto Kikuchi @Amiami

Maybe the style of the IdolM@ster is to look that way, having cute and pretty mixing in well.

Well, it do go the same way as a normal Idol too. Still, having to know how to pose model is another thing, and the sense of fashion is important too.

If you asking me, Makoto seem cool due to her look, in which her clothing made her look more cheerful and bright.

Well, to be honest, there are some who doesn't mix in well with that kind of clothing.

Well, the clothing do reflect one taste, and for the anime, it reflect how great the characters look.

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter @Amiami
-Rui Akana
-Rinne Inaba

I do not watch this Anime to be honest, but let take a peek at the two of the girls.

If you notice, Rinne look cute with that choice of clothing, though I wonder if Rui is wearing her working uniform.

Made her look like like official lady. Well, maybe she is, but I not sure. Still it do make her look nice, right?

Another common choice of clothes would probably the gym clothes.

Sena Kashiwazaki @Amiami

Maybe Sena have the nice body shape, which I wonder why the Main boy doesn't seem to move much.

There are many point in which the boy might like the gym clothes, is due to a few reason like having the bigger breast girl to run, so they can see the bouncing of the oppai. Another is when the girls sweat.

But from what I see, Sena do seem more pretty, but maybe that I tend to wear t-shirt more, that thought she wearing normal clothing.

Well, another thing that wonder in my mind is whether if most girl tend to wear very little when they are alone at home. or what.

Momo to Koneko no Dosuke @Amiami
-Regular Edition
-Limited Distribution Edition

Not sure if the Neko is really a pervert one, or just that it was placed there intentionally.

Either way, the first pose sure give her more sex appeal than the front, though many might prefer due to her oppai.

I wonder if she changing her clothes, or that she wear that at home.

Well, anyway, last one to close off, and the favor clothing when during swimming pools or the beach, would surely be the Swimsuit!

Yukiho Hagiwara @Amiami

Well, if I in Japan, maybe I would like to take a peek at how nice they are. Though I may like water, I hate going to the swimming pools. Beach is fine, but I would play with my clothes on.

I don't have a nice body to show off myself, which maybe I need to exercise a bit more.

Anywa, having to hold one beach ball in a white swimsuit show made Yukiho the pure girl. She do look cute if you're asking me.

In anyway, This week we notice at the figurines clothing, so do you choose figurines by their clothing?
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