Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 9 June 2013

Well, it would seem like the days past by so fast, that when I was peeking at those latest anime, manga and playing with some figurines, they seem to be just a short while.

Might be due to having to do some writing and researching on stuffs, and in additional to some part time work.

But no matter, I also peek at some anime and manga, which I will try to post them up next week. Actually I was trying to post them this week, but to think that I done think and went out for work or walking session that I went back home and forgotten about them.

Now that I been thinking it over, I did mentioned that though I sure was very tired from walking, playing and working. Or just that I didn't have enough sleep that I need to cut back on sleeping more.

This week I did peeked at some Figurines and Anime Goods, and I still will continue to peek at them, but I can't go and forget that this blog do have some Anime and Manga posting too.

-Mada's Figurine Report 4 June 2013
-Mada's Anime Goods Report 3 June 2013

Even though I just peek at them, there are time when I do want to grab them, but didn't for some, which pain me due to the limitation from Black Rock Shooter Wallet.

Still, there are some which I still went and finally grabbed when I considered it good. Most of the time, I tend to check out ToyCoin and Latendo, though the first one is my recent choices. I do blog on Local store, providing that I received the permission to take photo, and visit their store to know more.

I not that stupid to go and defame or flame one, but unless that really one store that doesn't deserve the credit, the only choice I will do is not to even post about the store.

So far one of the store, Bag Lady, which my Imouto tend to visit is really one good store which I also recommend for the lady or girl.

Why do I go and blog them? Well, if they are good, I don't mind it myself. Well, I doing it for free too, but it still depend on my view about the store too. And at the same time permission to take some photo.

Anyway, I still need to get back to some researching and peeking too, so I will just cut short for now. Might be just go and ready on some posts for next week before I nap.
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