Monday, June 24, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 24 June 2013

Well, seem that the sky in Singapore is getting somehow better, so we should be able to take some peek at figurines.

Well, Anime and Manga will be coming up when I get the spare time to type them out, but let go for figurines first.

School holiday in Singapore is coming to an end, so now let peek at mostly students.

Suguha Kirigaya (1/8) @Amiami

Well, if I not wrong, Japan will be starting their Summer Season, so there will be the Summer Holiday, even Suguha is going to stay her enjoyment.

I actually amazed at the part where they had part of their corridor "cut" out so that we will know where Suguha is sitting. And there're some snack / drink for her. Just that, if she going to lie back more, she going to fall.

One thing for a normal Student during the hot weather is when female student need to wear shorter sleeve.

Kanna Tanigawa (1/6) @Amiami

Why that?

Well, in Singapore the weather is only one hot day, so almost all the school uniform is short sleeve, so that the body will not felt too warm.

But I really wonder if those characters in Ano Natsu de Matteru like Summer or not. In anyway, it do seem that Kanna did prepared herself for it.

Many do prefer the short sleeve type uniform, with some able to give many different reason.

Masterpiece of Nan Yaegashi Girls Accident (1/8) @Amiami
-Regular Edition
-Limited Edition
-Regular Edition [w/AmiAmi Exclusive Telephone Card]
-Limited Edtion [w/AmiAmi Exclusive Telephone Card]

But what I do not able to understand, is how can a girl able to show that much when she about to fall back.

The amazing thing is how the base is like a mirror where you can peek under skirt, but to note that peek underskirt in public is bad, and not recommend. For the figurines, maybe you can go and peek as much as you can.

Interestingly, the regular edition remind me of Katsuragi from Senran Kagura.

Well, those ninja girl do wear their school uniforms, but during their fight, their clothes can magically changes.

Senran Kagura @Amiami
From CM's Corporation
From Griffon Enterprises
-Katsuragi (Petan Sitting Down ver.) @Amiami

But I wonder why only Katsuragi who not wearing her bra, and still at the same time not showing much of her oppai.

In any sense, it would seem that both Ikaruga and Yagyuu are ready to go, and good to take down any enemy if they try to stop them in their path. As for me, I most likely to get stunned from staring at them too much.

It not like I under the spell of some demon, but there are some youkai here.

Inu x Boku SS @Amiami
-Ririchiyo Shirakiin
-Karuta Roromiya

On top of that, one of them is also a student, while being a half demon at the same time. But Karuta is a very scary demon not to cross if you know her well.

Even so, they are not going to do much harm for now, and also it would best not to cross them either.

I really do need to give the Maker his praise and a run of the money due to able to make those girls actually look cute and like normal girl.

If you ask me if I do seen this girl around, I would more likely to miss them and think of them as normal girl. Well, I just hope I don't get eaten by a Gashadokuro, and that I need to bring along some spare food if I do encounter Karuta.

But if there such thing as youkai students, I sure many would like the popular and beauty oujo-sama.

Sena Kashiwazaki (1/8) @Amiami

One thing that many would like to take note of Sena in this case, is that she is not just call Meat for funny teasy reason.

She is rich, with a very "caring" father, and on top of that, she is popular among the boy while she do have the body that many girls would envy with their green peeking eye.

And due to that, many figurines of Sena seem to show much of her oppai in a nice way. I really wonder why the Main boy can be so dense and immune to her. But even so, I do really want him (and I sure many would) to care for her. Well, it not that I hate Yozora or what, it just that I do not like how she can tease other, but not able to take it when she get tease by other. Well, maybe I do hate it when it come to bullying.

Well, let not say that much, but during school, it would seem that many story like to have students transferring in sometime, someday unexpectedly.

Mari Makinami Illustrious (Real Action Hero) @Amiami

Well, it do seem that Mari would be one of them and also the one who seen to show the mischievous face, with a mischievous mind.

Well, this time she got her own RAH, so you can expect her to have nice body pose which is more smoother than any figurines, mostly a run of the money for the figma version.

She is wearing a full body suit, which is why her joint will be hide under it, while obviously you can see the joint part for the figma version.

Though Mari face may seem normal, she still give me the impression of being mischievous.

But someone give me a surprise when I turned my head.

Rei Ayanami (1/10 | Plugsuit Ver.) @Amiami

Unlike the original and common white body suit, seem like Rei is wearing the black one for now. I can't remember when did she wear that, or not. But if someone do know, give me a head up.

Well, they said that black clothes will made one look more slimmer, but for this case, it look more like making Rei looking more sexy, where you can easily see her body curve.

Also, it not daily routine where you get to see something unexpected, when someone or something decided to change their taste for the day. Well, maybe I do seem a lot myself.

In times do one do get to see the bad girl, who like to bully other for their enjoyment, but this one can do murder.

Junko Enoshima @Amiami

For those who known Dangan Ronpa, then you might know that this girls isn't one to cross with, and if possible, avoid her and don't even think about meeting her.

Well, I do get nightmare from this type of game, but I wonder how the anime will turn out.

Well, hopefully the censorship can stop me from thinking too much. Well, maybe not.

Maybe I do need to peek at some fan service, and there just two more to go.

Housen Ryofu (1/7 | Hadaka Apron ver) @Amiami

Well, maybe the naked aprons is too big of a peeking for me.

But it do made Ryofu look very sexy... wait... is she going to remove that last underwear?! Well, maybe it not yet fully naked, but I might get a massive nosebleed instead.

I really wonder how wet of a dream I will be getting.. but I do not want to imagine myself getting hit by her. Her punches isn't a good, if you know her well. And almost all the girl in that series are freaking strong.

Last one to go, and of course I go for the swimsuit, but I don't have that fetish yet.. maybe future will tell a different story.

Akane Isshiki (1/8 | Swimsuit ver) @Amiami

Seeing her in that swimsuit can get me laughing because it really remind me of when her swimsuit expand like a balloon.

It a swimsuit created by her grandpa for her protection, but it didn't really protect her.. private parts, if you do know what I talking here.

Yet, it really strange to see her cheerful face, and you go smiling naturally back at her. Well, she is a very cheerful person and a good girl on top of that.

Well, I not sure about her study though, but she do like mayonnaise, and adding it to her rice, which I personally do that a lot.

Well, looking at those students really made me look like an old man who strangely got back aches problems and high blood pressure. And there are people who said that I give the impression of being the wise and mature. Well, maybe that escalated quickly when the conclusion come to show that I am a Wise Old Man.

But I still in my twenty, but time sure pass by fast. Well anyway, after peeking at so many cute and beautiful students, which one would be you preference?
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