Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mada's Figurine Report 4 June 2013

Well, there are sure many figurines out to peek over at Amiami.

And this time it would seem that there are a few good to grab with the clean hands too.

First off, in the underwater and adding Miku to it.

Miku Hatsune (1/8 | Shinkai Shoujo Ver.) @Amiami

First thing I must admit is that the base that Miku is sitting on is too nice not to peek. Also the coral and rock is just look real.

Moreover, as she is underwater, her hair sure flow around as if she is still underwater despite we having to display her on land.

From what I see, she sure look happy and ready to sing some songs, and maybe [Shinkai Shojo], which is the song that start with the whole thing.

One of the main playable characters, it would seem that this fox lady change her clothes from it previous sequel.

Caster (Fate/EXTRA CCC | 1/8) @Amiami

Previously she look like some Japanese lady, and now they go and give her the whole new look, and her hat isn't going to make her look like a magician girl or what.

But one thing for sure, is that she look more revealing in her chest area, which I wonder if she got it grown more.

Or maybe it was the maker of this figurine who decided her grown. Or was it the creator of caster?

But if you don't want a black clothing figurines, there one with a sexy white bride clothing.

Momo Velia Deviluke (1/6) @Amiami

Well, I not sure who she going to marry so fast, since I don't remember any wedding being official in To-Love-Ru.

But I can expecting that she is ready for the main character Rito, and she did scheme for his harem ending.

Well, I do hope she scheme for herself first. And to think that her bride clothing is way too revealing and sexy too.

If I wonder about it, maybe one might expect to say "Yes" without knowing what she going to ask you.

Don't worry if you don't want a bride yet, there is a bunny girl to cheer you up.

Manaka Komaki (1/5 | Bunny Ver.) @Amiami

Firstly, she is posing in a very sexy way on top of wearing a sexy bunny suit and to top it off, her oppai is revealing a lot.

First time I will do is to check my nose if any red color stuff is flowing out. Well, Komaki's suit is red, but that red is way too good for the peeking eye.

She even smile in a nice way too, but I wonder who she going to subdue with that pose anyway.

I going to need a tissue first.

Well, enough of figurines for a while, and maybe let peek at some pretty cute nendoroid.

Hayate Yagami (Unison Edition | Nendoroid) @Amiami

It would seem that Hayate would be joining with Fate and Nanoha, with her little Rein of course.

Well, for those who didn't notice about this, most of the nendoroid limbs are fixed, but the Nanoha gang isn't.

So you can pose them as much as you want and they can do a few attack pose, just don't expect any spells going to come out anyway, or anyhow.

If you want some cute cute maid with Neko traits to serve you, there is one.

Feiris NyanNyan (Nendoroid) @Amiami

Well, she do work in a maid cafe, and she do have the omorice with her too. Maybe you might want her to do the nyan nyan neko pose.

Though there isn't a cute voice coming out, the cuteness can still kill you, if you not careful enough.

Somehow she can peek into your heart and mind by peeking at your eye, so becareful of that. But even if I think about it, how can not I peek at such a cute girl with my peeking eye?

Asking for the sailor looking girl who can fly and shoot?

Yoshika Miyafuji (Shinden ver. | Nendoroid) @Amiami

Well, you can expect to let her pose as a normal sailor girl or someone who can just shoot anyone or anything down.

Well, I might remove her firearms to keep myself safety as well as other nendoroid.

I don't wish for them to fight, but they all too strong for what I can say. Well, good thing I not going to grab her, but I might change my mind when time come.

Maybe a cute normal girl might be more better than I  expecting though.

Rikka Morizono (Nendoroid) @Amiami

Well, I not sure if she can look like a magician girl in one of her clothes, but it would seem that this come with 2 different clothing.

Well, they say is 2 bodies, but I wonder about that though. As much as I wish to amaze it, her school uniform seem so cute cute, on top of her cute face.

Well, if all those nendoroid selling point isn't the cuteness of them, I got nothing to comment, say, or even think about it.

Well, Good Smile Company and Max Factory is the only one with the Nendoroid and Figma where figurines can move.

Asuna @Amiami

Well, there are a few nice figurines who one would move to have the girls pose nicely and maybe their attacking poses.

But I can expect is that they tend to go for the female characters. Well, fangirl doesn't need to worry as it just a matter of time for other company to have them out.

If I wonder about it, I wonder if Kirito will grab this Asuna and play with.

I not sure how girl in armor can be cool, but I sure can say that they are scary due to their power and strength.

Tobiichi Origami (Armor Girls Project) @Amiami

Seem this time Origami will be in her suit, and ready to strike down anyone. But I had to admit that she is one of my hated character despite she being in the main cast.

Reason simple, she doesn't forget nor will she forgive the spirit, which ended up with her hating all spirit and wanting to kill them. Well they are innocent for most spirit.

But it not like I don't understand her reason of hatred. But that just placing the man she loved in a very bad spot. Also, she really don't get the hint from what I seem so far, but she sure is a good stalkers.

Well, enough figurines for now, which is why I going end with the usual girl in swimsuit figurines.

And it would seem to me that it been a well that I list out a few of them despite their different series.

-Laytea Adolf (1/8 | Swimsuit ver.) @Amiami
-Nazuna (1/10) @Amiami
-Nori (1/10) @Amiami
-Saber Alter (1/6 | Swimsuit Ver.) @Amiami

Well, one thing for sure is that for most of the girl in swimsuit figurines. The uprising one would be the Beach Queen series, where they just let those pretty girl pose nicely and in their swimsuit.

And due to that, and with the base stand with seem able to place some other beach queen series figurines together. Despite all those girl in different series, when you place them together, it just seem like they know each other and are ready to play at the beach.

Well, some other normal girl in swimsuit selling point would be their detail of the figurines, and there are a few with a bigger scale.

The beach queen series are in 1/10, which one might like to just place a lot of them together. But if you're asking me, it depend on the one who grabbing them with the clean hand.

Just that it will hurt the wallet no matter what. For my case, Black Rock Shooter Wallet is now hiding my cards and will hit me if I try to touch her.

Well, the only times I get to touch her is when I need to take the train or bus.

Well, it been a while since I last played with my figurines, it would seem that I might going to take a few photo shoot when I get the free time out. Well, I still going to be busy for the moment though.

As far as I peeked, is there any figurines which you considering to grab with your clean hands?
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