Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 10 June 2012

If I say I got too much stuffs, then maybe yes, maybe not, maybe I don't know.

This week did some clearing up, which the main point is to lessen the load in my room, and good thing I got myself some Compressed Storage Bags, which helped a lot.

It's been some time since I last watch Anime with my family, since they go into Korean Drama more. But watching Anime give me a dry throat; I need to "become a Voice Actor" just for my dad.

Yes, don't be surprise about what I just say, since my dad don't understand English or Japanese, meaning I need to talk and speak (about) the same words which time the anime characters speak.

It a very hard task, but fun, though it best not for you to imagine what my voice is like, when I voicing the female characters.  Translating to Chinese sometime is bit of tricky too.

And it not just one or two episodes only, it go for hours and hours, until we forget the time, and until I don't know what I speaking. It's not like I am going to be a Voice Acter myself, since my voice is pointed out as "cannot make it".

Normally, I choose Fighting Genre for 2 main reason; My dad like Action-packed, and there more fighting, less talking.

And speaking of Anime, let peek a little on some Manga, Anime and Figurine for this week, as I'm got stuffs to do, and I do need to wake up early tomorrow.

-Denpa Kyoushi
-Fukashigi Philia
-Figurine Report

My dad do read some of my manga, and always complained why I got so many manga, but he still like to read them anyway, though his favorite is One piece, which can get me in trouble for just Voice acting the whole anime, and for hours too. Funny how he like Brook's Laugh.

Since today is Sunday which mark the end of the 2-days event of AFA Malaysia, Danny Choo not going back just yet, since there is something call Culture Japan Night Malaysia.

I still in Singapore, and tomorrow is going to busy for me since I got some works to do, and I do need to help my parents out.

As for now, have you ever try "Voice Acting"?

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