Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fukashigi Philia

Fukashigi Philia

Creator - Tsutsui Taishi

Series - Manga
2 Volumes [Ongoing]
Published by Comic Blade, Mag Garden

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AS long as there are criminals around in the city, the Crushers are there to take them out.

Tasuku is bend on his own Justice, and want to clean up the city from the "bad guy", even if he had to use violence to whack them up.

Story plot started in one of their night wiping out one of the gangs who kidnapped girl and sell them for cash.

Tasuku come across a beautiful female prisoner, who allow him to see his future, which help him avoid a mortal wound from one of the gangs.

And the tattoo on the girl's left hand is the same seal as the person Takusu been searching for.

He bring her home and then tied her to a chair while he go to school, since he afraid of losing someone who might have a link or clue to the person.

Though he later her nicely.

Takusu treated killing or taking one life as absolute evil, and that he won't commit it, even for Justice.

Though the way he whack other bad guys is more than enough to put them half dead anyway.

Noa, the girl who Takusu save, is able to peek into the future, which mostly takusu tried his best to avoid it, and even the girl which he killed in near future, become fall in love with him instead.

Another note to take is that this manga is same creator as Espirit, one of my favor manga to peek on. Though the ending was kind of sad, but still interesting.

And I am looking forwards to this nice plot which the creator had played out, though I wonder how Justice is served under Takusu mind.

With him are Yugo who is good in computer, Miisha who is rich and very clever, and Rikiya who is strong, and almost like a monster, but with a gentle face.

Due to Noa power to peek into the future, many are trying to grab their hand on her, and Takusu in getting into the truth as he can get.

Though his friends want to help him, the truth behind his life sure took some turning, and interestingly, Takusu really don't commit himself to take other people life.

And somehow Noa knew something from the start, but act as if she got no memory.

If you wish to know more, you may want to peek a little into the world of Criminal Crushing in Fukashigi Philia.
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