Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gundam stuff

While breezing though Orchard Road, I did mentioned there was some toys selling event down at Takashimaya, Singapore.

I did take a peek more over at the Gundam department, than the other though.

They did showcase the prize winner model, but not enough to make grab a model yet, since Black Rock Shooter Wallet will shot me in the head.

I only started to fully follow Gundam, after viewing Gundam Seed series, despite watched Gundam Wing while I was a child; didn't know about Gundam that time.

And my favorite Gundam is actually the Buster Gundam, not the strike or other.

I prefer to use Buster Gundam in those Gundam Games, since I like to spam the "Iron Cannon Shot", and mostly give support than going head on.

But it didn't mean I don't like the other gundam model, and I do have some little gundam models in my room, though I wonder where they disappear to; they do have legs.

Got Buster Gundam in too, but even so, they are all not color, and that I don't go into that much details as those who model the one that are being showcase.

Gundam model are either build fast with no much details, or build slow but with very details features.

Been peeking at some teaching how to build a gundam model, and it seem like even a young child can build one very easily; just need some adult help on the cutting though.

I really like those who made good use of grey markers to give the gundam a real feel, since it like the model is made of metal than plastic.

Posing is also another problem, which is to give the model it own unique feel, and I was surprise to see some models being really "Cut" in half, or some of it part out.

I won't go to the point of cutting mine, but I really like those who cut their giving an unique feel as if the models are fighting.

The Ground base is another things, where some are hand-made, which I'm unsure what unknown materials they are made of.

The ground base is another way to give the gundam model a feel in an environment, though some model don't have the base, which is to showcase they are flying.

Don't expect some shiny light coming out of their weapons or booster, though some model do have.

Sighted one gundam box which said "Metal build" which I do want to grab hold of, but decided maybe later.

I'm not very good in building one powerful detailed Gundam model, though I really want one, which maybe year end I would grab one.

My dad and uncle do like Gundam model, and they seen Gundam seed anime before, though they don't buy one for themselves. Even so, I know some of my friends who are really into Gundam Models.

I wonder when will I grab one new Gundam Model Box with my clean hands without Black Rock Shooter Wallet noticing...

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