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Mada's Figurine Report 25 June 2012

There are a few figurines which caught my sparkly eye, and to think that July is nearing, which usually mean more new anime coming, since it Summer time!

Well, Singapore going to finish it June Holiday, but Figurines still ongoing!

Nate Mitotsudaira @Amiami

Although the first season of "Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere" ended in a suspended way, that just simply mean that Season 2 is somewhere set on flight.

Took them 7 months, and Nate is ready to be grab by many clean hands.

The girls from Infinite Stratos never failed to catch my sparkle this time, when Charlotte and Houki are shrunk to the size of the palm, but their cuteness just went way the roof.

Charlotte @Amiami
Houki @Amiami

Set to come out on Sep 12, they are on pre-order point, so you can consider grabbing them first.

I really like how their cute their eye are sparkling and shining. (*A* |")

Well Charlotte is being gracful, I was not surprised that Houki was acting tsun, but the cuteness just killed me off instead. (=w= |")

My sparkly eye did not activated when I peek into this, but instead, my Concentration Sight activated. (O_O ;)

As a figurines, I was peeking if their swimsuits was made out of real clothes, which need some concentration to confirm it.

Nakuru Narumi @Amiami
Kureha Sakamachi @Amiami

Yes, you can strip them off, if you want to. And when I say that I was concentrating, I was really peeking on the swimwear.

Though their figurines is very easy to mislead other. But beware of Kureha, her wrestling skills is something not to cross with. (*A* ;)

I seen most figurines who wear Silicon swimsuit, which can be stretch, wear and strip easily for the figurines, which come a little shock when I saw the Mayo Chiki girl wearing Fabric swimsuit.

But even so, the Maken-ki Girls sure know how to pose on their own.

Kodama Himegami @Amiami
Haruko Amaya @Amiami

They both are powerful maken user, though the latter one got a dangerous body. (*x* ;)

But beware of Kodama, her power not something to cross with too. Just don't think of something dirty, and do grab them with your clean hands.

Just learnt that figurines got many varies of swimsuit, especially Fabric.

Very hard to miss, which my sparkly eye set sight on; is that there are a lot of Touhou Figurines this time around.

Well, there're a lot, but what make it different is that having them all set together to be released at the same time is just too much.━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

I'm sure many would like to grab them with their clean hand!

Touhou Stuffs @Amiami

The price do seem not bad, but getting all of them at one, would just add up to a big lump sum. Be careful.

Even so,the Touhou figurines just look so cute, and they do have the "Please grab me with your clean hand" look on them (>x< ;)

Their Plushies are all just too cute to the point that I really want to grab one with my clean hands (after a thoroughly washing), and hug it even if it just 20cm tall. (>w< ;)

Sakuya Izayoi Plushie @Amiami

Sakura's eye look too just too cute!

Many of the Touhou Plushie seem to be re-release on Oct 12, which I wonder if I can go peek around to see if there one to grab hold on.

My Sparkly Eye managed to peek and notice Purple Heart of Hyperdimension Neptune.

Purple Hearts  @Amiami

I not into purple color, but she the one who change my mindset! Shinji of Evangelion didn't help me.

While I still playing the first season, getting the second season, third Season was ready to set on flight. Which shocked me at how nice this game can go about.

Honest saying, I played this game for the story, AND the voices of each girls, which is very very healthy to the ear.

Their looks are very healthy to the eye too! (*x* ;)

If you need someone to open up your locks, which either you don't know how, or forgot how to, or just that you'd lost the key, Xiao Mei from Shining Hearts is here to help!

But do give her some money for her work though.

XiaoMei @Amiami

Being a Catgirl just made her in my Favor list of Cat. (>w< ;)

Careful since she is a very well-known thief, who not afraid of going into a highly secured Castles just to take some peeking and sneaking around.

She is like a "Robin Hood" in the story, since she used the money for the orphan at the church. What to say? She's one Very Cute Catgirl who is a Very Kind thief.

Was peeking at Saber Lily Nendoroid @Amiami, which made me remember peeking at the Saber Nendoroid @Goodsmile, which Danny choo mentioned.

I still a fan of Fate series, though I currently late on a few episodes on Fate/Zero, and it did seem like the series is nearing this ending, since Kiritsugu Emiya did used his last command seal on Saber to destroy the Holy Grail.

That where it lead to Fate/Stay Night.

With so many different saber in many different figurines, ranging from Complete Figurine to Nendoroid, and this time peeking, I got a nosebleed from the cuteness of the 2 Saber. Σ(゜ロ゜;)

The shining armor and swords for the Good Smile Company Saber to celebrate 10th Anniversary is hunting my Sparkly Eye! (>o< ;)

Need to carefully use my Concentration Sight on the Pictures to make sure whether I was making a mistake on the Armor and Sword of Saber.

Even so, Saber's cute Face was enough to overkill me. Need to wash my hands very thoroughly clean before I go and grab it.

Another interesting things which caught my sparkly eye, was the cute bunny which made me wonder what this figurine was in the first place, and I still wondering even now. 【・ヘ・?】

Pokousa White Resicarat @Amiami

It got the cute face, with a cute body, and there one who is in a tiger costumes.

Saying it a bunny would be wrong, and yet, the sight of it still managed to get my both my Sparkly Eye and Concentration Sight to activate.

If you know, please make a comment below to let me know. The sight of this figurine is really getting on to my mind!

If I was as work hard as Ohana Matsumae when she working in her grandma's inn, I might want to know if I can clean the house very nicely.

Ohana Matsumae @Amiami

Actually what make this figurine caught my Sparkly eye was it costume, which I didn't get to watch it while I was at Japan, but I was able to peek at the Maid Costumes instead.

I did drink a few coffee at Japan, though I currently drinking tea more.

About time for me to take a little rest, but did any Figurines got your Sparkly Eye and/or Concentration Sight Activated?

You never know what details in the figurines that would caught your attention. (*w* ;)

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