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Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead

これはゾンビですか? of the Dead
Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka? of the Dead

Sequel to Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?
Creator - Shinichi Kimura
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Anime - 10 Episodes + 1 OVA

Well, it seem like the second season of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? just ended last week.

I'm sure many who followed it will feel a bit reluctant for it to end. Though for my case, I still wondering what happened to the plot in the first place.

Interestingly, I almost slapped myself when they finally put a little peeking hole on the Queen; whose I thought was an old Hag. (=x= |")

First off, Ayumu got himself trouble, but turned famous and very popular.

The rumor about a pervert Cross-dressing Magical Girl was spreading around the school, and sure enough, Ayumu reveal himself out.

Gaia wasn't nice to him, since the magical chainsaw Mystletainn got broken due to Ayumu's overwhelming power.

As he become more power, he become even more cuter, despite Haruka trying to stop him, and it didn't take long for everyone in school to take photo of him in both Cross dressing and Naked.

Despite some set-up and slice of life, and introducing the "should be the bad person for this season" Chris, I don't see any climax down here.

I had to point out that it bit of disappointing to even say that the final boss that they all supposed to fight was Ayumu's Internal Personality; the 7 Sins.

Though it funny to put "Sloth" as the boss, I find it weird why Rei Sensei said that Chris is dangerous, when this season, she is seem to drink a lot more, and never hurt one person.

Even Kyoko, the magical girl who killed Ayumu in the first season, finally admit her feeling to Ayumu in this season, and about time it show that out.

I wonder if this was the Creator's idea to put Chris and Kyoko to take "interest" in Ayumu, when at the same time there are other girls who also love Ayumu too.

And this time, even the 3 vampires girl had all shown their affection towards Ayumu.

It easy to see that Yuki had shown her interest after her first kiss with Ayumu, and been going about to be his wife.

Still, it funny how the girls react when they learnt that Ayumu give a ring to Yuki, which all the girls including Yuki, mistakenly think it as a wedding ring.

It's actually a ring to stop Yuki's internal power from going rampage.

Even Saras and Kyoko go one step farer by trying to suede Ayumu. Despite Saras being the one who introduced Ayumu's naked butt to the world, she shown the honest affection near the ending of the Season.

I wonder why Kyoko had to stab Ayumu one more time before hugging him and admitting her affection.

Let not forget how Sera starting to be more Jealous when thing come toward Ayumu. Very interesting how she used to hate him due to his relationship with Eu.
Haruka also do show some jealously down here, and it funny when Eu and Haruka switch place when Eu's magic was transfer a bit to Haruka, since she trying her way to get her magic back.

Thing went back to normal, and Chris gotten her hand some stuff when she was able to change back to her normal form instead of a Middle-age man.

It was her true motive, though the story plot say that she want to get back at the Queen for changing her in the first place. But at the ending, it didn't seem like she want to, since she is seem drinking with Nene, Eu's best friend.

This season, Eu was able to talk a lot in her original voice, and not the fantasy which Ayumu think of.

And there is one special part after the credit where all the "Fantasy Eu" and the original Eu gather to chat, which is very funny and interesting how each Eu interact with each other.

The cuteness of the voice is, indeed, very healthy to the ear.

And as for the Queen of the magical girl, I was shocked to see it was a little child, since I yet to peek into the light Novel that far.

Well, most girl in this story don't seem like their real age, and it funny how Chris look like a student and drinking alcohol though she said she over 100 old.

Probably there might be something call Season 3 for this anime, though it will take time to see if there an abandonment for it.

As for now, did you peek into the Magical Secret Gaia of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

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