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Hayate no Gotoku!

Hayate no Gotoku! 
Hayate the Combat Butler

Creator - Kenjiro Hata

Published in Weekly Shonen Sunday, Shogakukan
32 Volumes, 367 Chapters [Ongoing]

Light Novel
Written by Toshihiko Tsukiji
Published by Shogakukan
2 Volumes [Complete]

Season 1, 52 Episodes [Completed]
Directed by Keeichiro Kawaguchi
Studio - SynergySP

Directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Studio - J.C. Staff

Season 2, 25 Episodes [Completed]
Directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Studio - J.C.Staff

Directed by Hideto Komori
Studio - Manglobe

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Girl be a Maid, and Boy be a Butler.
Story started with a VERY misfortune boy, Hayate Ayasaki, who had to work in order to support his family.

His father just lazy to work, and his mother a gambler, and often giving him troubles and problem to the final point; Giving Hayate to "very kind people" in exchange for Money.

With a debt of more than 150 Million Yen, he had to run and avoid for the time being before meeting Nagi Sanzenin.

Initially Hayate wanted to kidnap Nagi for some random to pay off his debt, but somehow he didn't know that the girl is super rich to the point that you can't say how much his grandfather actually own in the first place.

What made me like peeking into this Anime/Manga is actually due to the inconsistent arc, plot, but best of all, the gag and joke in the story of each chapter never fail to amaze me or put in the floor with a stomachache.

I can't believe Angel to be saying that.
I had to give my praise to that Creator for even making this world out, which I always look forward each week to take a peek into.

The story arc/plot, though is very mess up, with no really follow-up on each ending, it's still enough to considered them as story.

Saying he been the same misfortune as Touma of To Aru Majutsu no Index, is not giving him any unique traits at all; Hayate got superhuman strength, and very knowledgeable on his works, Touma got his right hand and a good fighters, but not that near to Hayate.

Another interesting point which made me that it actually made use of other anime series as references (but censored them off halfway), very children friendly even with the fan services, and making good use of the Logical and Illogical.

Very detailed explanation of a poor man's jacket.
Just easy to let one think that it just off the hook on the point that the world they are in are actually normal, and not at the same time.

What made me said that is how can a person survived and act as if nothing happen after being hit very a car at high speed, or chatting with a talking White Tiger.

The reason of excuse to be put in good use is always the "It just an Anime/Manga, it not real at all" which can overwrite any argument.

I had to admit it that the Story plot at some point did show as a normal manga with a plot, like showing Hayate's past on how he can be so strong, and a good butler, due to his love Interest. And though Hayate got himself a lot of girls' affection, mostly due to his very easily misleading and misunderstanding ways of saying thing, he still somehow got one love interest however.

Most girls who were aware of Hayate like Maria, Nagi's Maid who is only 17 years old like Mirai, still like him due to his kind personality, but still know that he can easily get in trouble, which mostly involved a girl, and/or get the girl's affection due to his kindness, and easily misleading and misunderstanding sentence.

I always wonder, do most story plot like to point that the misfortune boy can get a lot of girls' affection?

It's certainly point the famous saying; "A fortune within the Misfortune"

As far as I'd peeked into, with the current chapters of about 367, if one wish/want to take a little peek into, he/she/whatever, can choose 1 chapters per day, and one would notice that one year past by the time they reach to the latest chapter, a good way to consider counting the day.

I almost mistaken this as Laharl of Disgaea
Yup, Manga is actually what made me lost count on the number of day when I was still in Army, and I didn't get the chance to peek at anime since I was too tired by the time I reached home.

That why I peeking into some old anime now. But This series never failed to amazed me after peeking for the 4th time starting this week.

Even so, I still got some other things to do, which is the reason why I peek into a little by little.

This manga is what made my days when I want to peek for some jokes, unlike Medaka Box or other which got a plot or arc.

A proof why this is Children friendly.
It's good to take a peek in thing that is not consistent, which is why this manga/anime is very unique, and fun to peek into.

Sometime, I just like the "stupid face" when something went wrong, or the (*A* ;) face when they never expect something.

This one of those "Get me down on the floor with a stomachache" anime/manga, next to kill me baby.

Had you decide to (re-)peek into the unpredictable and not easily to expect world of Hayate no Gotoku! 
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