Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little bits to Many

Before I knew it, it seem like there are a bit of Gashapon down my last drawer.

Well, most of them are anime one, and the thrill of this gacha never fail to amaze me.

You won't expect what you'll get from the machines, and don't think I get them all at one shot; I get a little bit by little bit.

And as the saying go; "little bits can become many bits" (=x= |")

A very true saying instead, and same go for my Bookshelf; there are a lot of manga.

But even so, there are many out there who got even more Manga/Anime/Figurines than me, since I get those books little bit by little bit.

Though there a few which I get one whole shot, and I really like reading them; of course I wouldn't mind someone come to my house and wish to peek into them a little.

Just don't mind sitting on the little yellow chair, and listening to some Anime Songs.

Currently, I did decided to eat less instant noodles, but that didn't stop me from not eating noodles that are order from Food store.

I still thinking of some nice recipe for some of my Soba, but for a few dinners, my grandmother been cooking her speciality noodles, which can let me eat a few plates! (Not just 1 or 2)

Eating a little bit at each plates, didn't make me notice I eaten a lot of it. But it was so Delicious! (*x* |')

My sister will finish up those instant noodles most of the time, so sometime I get different instant noodles which she never try, and wouldn't even dared to try it.

But, it been bugging since it been sometimes since I last cooked spaghetti, and though my imouto want me to cook a different spaghetti. I wonder if I can find the recipe which she requested though.

It scary, how little bits of things, can slowly add up to be a lot of things. Don't you find this apply to work and money as well?
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