Monday, June 4, 2012

Doing some clear up

I went out with my friend for some walking session, and chatting too.

And we did go Funan IT Mall for some peeking too. And there were many people down here too.

But for now, I am clearing and somehow simplify some things, by removing some stuffs.

For some unknown reason, stuffs appear out of nowhere and now I need to clear them away, and hide them somewhere in my room, and as far as I know.

The only thing that is under my bed is always the ducts.

Another note in this blogs, is that I going to keep it simple too. Even my room bed is going to be nice, though I noticed each time my friends wonder how I managed to sleep with so many pillows/cushions.

But I going to lessen the load, and keeping some in the wardrobe, and use some.

I sometime wonder why I keep thing, and as time past, forgot about it, and wonder why I keep it.

Always a mystery to me, but when it useless to me, I just either throw away, or continue to keep it to let my future to wonder why I keep again.

Those Manga, Anime, Games and Figurines are not going anywhere though, unless I moving house.

But no matter how much I clean or clear, it seems like dirt, always come uninvited.
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