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Asu No Yoichi

Asu no Yoichi! 
(Tomorrow's Yoichi)
Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi

Creator - Yu Minamoto

Manga - 15 Vols [Complete]

Anime - 12 Eps [Complete]
Directed by Rion Kujo
Studio - AIC

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Story started with Yoichi Karasuma, a young samurai who moved from his mountain life to live in the city with Ikaruga family of 4 female siblings.

After being a strong samurai, under the training of his father, he was ordered by his father to live in modern city life to learn some experience, which mountain don't provide.

But it just a cover up for his dad to send him away since Yoichi had become more stronger than his dad, and he got nothing to teach Yoichi anymore.

And so, Yoichi leave the mountain to experience the life the modern city, and to meet other people, as he only got "Animal" friends.

As he is a very honorable and very old customs, he got problems and got in trouble just first day in the city, and he was suppose to look for the Ikaruga family, who happened to use the same sword type as him and his dad.

Another thing to note is that he never really change his clothes, and is always in his Keikogi (@Wiki) with a long scarf, and his truly wooden sword; he was seem as a cosplayer instead of a samurai, which earn him attention from the surrounding more.

Story start to go in a similar path, but different plot; though the goal is still there. Manga is shown as Ibuki Ikaruga find Yoichi after he was caught by a policeman for hitting and defeated Ryo Washizu (the strongest and famous Delinquent) in 1 hit.

Anime shown as some trouble around a shopping with Yoichi was trying to catch a robber, but he still defeat Ryo and got caught, before release on his own. He later stay with the Ikaruga Family as a freeloader until the end of story.

The Ikaruga siblings are:-
Ibuki - 1st Daughter and Acting Instructor of their Dojo
Ayame - 2nd Daughter, and the only one with small breast.
Chihaya - 3rd Daughter, and a Mangaka who use the money earn for her family.
Kagome - Youngest Daughter, though clumsy, but good in cook and do the washing in the home most of the time with Ibuki.

Their parents left them when they were young due to some personal reason, and they both leave in a journey.

The first and second daughter fall in love with Yoichi, and interestingly, they normally act up when Yoichi nosebleed due to some pervert accidents or when he is with another girl.

Chihaya normal tease the 3 of them since she the most knowledgeable one. And I like how the story go by the point of many "Love arrow" around, though the final chapter leave an imaginable ending since Yoichi yet to end up with any girl; yes, he another oblivious boy.

I just took another re-peek into one of those not release this year anime, and somehow, I go and take another re-peek into the manga series too at the same time.

I actually prefer the Anime style, but I like the story plot in Manga, too bad the plot was re-adjust by another writer to fit the manga into an Anime style.

Interesting plot about an old samurai trying to fit himself into the modern life, and though he's oblivious to other girls' affection, when he got into something pervert, he will nosebleed, and he do restrict himself.

But he will always get hit by Ibuki anyway, and even though Yoichi is very strong, and a honorable person; maybe he is fated to have thing happened to him, since the creator is the one who give out his destiny.

Due to his honest personality, he also unconscicence change those who are around him, though the change is actually a gradual one, unlike anime, where almost everything fast and furious.

But they had to, other wise how they release Anime that fast to meet the demand of this World?

As far as I take a little re-peeking, had you went with the Modern life of the old Custom Samurai to take a (re)peek into Asu no Yoichi?

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