Thursday, May 31, 2012

Devil Prince - Devils and Realist

魔界王子 devils and realist
Makai Ouji - Devils and Realist
Devil Prince - Devils and Realist

Author - Takadono Madoka
Artist - Yukihiro Utako

Published in Comic Zero-Sum (Ichijinsha)

Manga - 4 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Story started with William Twining, blessed with both brains and wealth, attending a prestigious school, with a dream of as an extremist Realist; get Straight "A" in all test, get high rank, get own works be recognized, and be rich.

Though all come apart when his Uncle, in charge of his assets since his parents passed away, had went bankrupt. So except his house, all were taken away by the debt collector.

With his School Fee still yet to pay, he was afraid of being in shame, and was thinking of getting out of school, when he unexpectedly summon a demon.

William is the chosen person who can choose the next lord of the underworld, so that Ludifer can go for a sleep, in order to live longer.

But as a Realist, in love of modern Science, William just capture the demon, and call the police to catch the intruder.

Even when Magic, real demons all appear in front of him, he just ignore the real Fact that he talking to a demon, believing anything that is superstition as nonsense.

But unknown to many, he hold the power to even command a demon, that is even high ranking, and that his ancestor, was in command of 72 powerful demons.

With his presence known, many demons are now going to get their hands on William, for their personal reasons.

I must say, William got guts, and being the stubborn stupid Main hero in this story, but it what I peeked a few period ago, and find it interesting at how he can ignore the facts that demons are after his life.

Some want to kill him due to his ancestor, and some want him to choose them as the next lord to the throne, sure his life is going up and down.

Not bad for a manga, for a breeze reading, and interesting part on the main hero being the Realist to the extreme. But the story show as if there is a secret, about him himself, and yet he do not know it.

As far I peek, even some one close is not to be taken lightly, though you may want to take a little peek into the Devil world with the Realist in Makai Ouji.
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