Saturday, May 26, 2012

Riding a bike

First off, before riding a bike, you will need a bike, and you can choose to decorate it. Even Danny Choo got one bike somehow. (@Danny Choo)

Can either go get some decoration, otherwise get some help from on-line. (@BlackTomcat)

Bike is one of those vehicles which you don't really need a license to ride on, but motorbike need one.

It okay to learn riding using the training wheel, as it one easy way to let the rider to get the point of gravity to keep balance.

And it not advisable to not to let your straighten leg touch the ground in time when you about to stop.

Nor getting a bike too big for your leg to touch the ground when straighten.

This is to ensure that you wouldn't fall down, and get any injuries.

Before riding, Safety to both rider and passer-by is very important, and best not to rush when there are many people around, and choose the right path to ride, like a path only for biker, if there is one.

I used to like riding a bike since I was young, before getting a phobia from bike after I crash too many time just to avoid passer-by.

The worst injuries I got was two big "crack" on both knees, which I never go to see a doctor for sewing, and it took me a long time to get used to walking again.

Even my friends are unaware of this incident I had from young, since now I can walk very normally, and still riding a bike.

I used to get away from biker, or denied going to any events that including Bike, but it was thank to one of my friends who not only let me use his bike when he ride to visit me at house, but let me re-learn the fun of riding a bike.

Although Bike is dangerous when there are many people, they are also the vulnerable too, since the injury is more worst, when they fly off their seat.

Bike don't have the thing call "Safety Belt".

My family later would go to East Coast Park to ride a bike during our free time, which I used to get more confident on riding a bike.

But counting back, it been a long while since I last ridden on a bike myself, since I enlisted to NS.

Although I still remember to ride a bike, since the main important in riding a bike is; Pedal to move, Leg straighten to touch the ground when stop, keeping balance when riding and Remember to Ring the bell and prepare to stop just in case.

Other than that, riding would be a breeze, and easy to enjoy. But I am not someone who like Skating though, since I not very fond of it in the first place.

That include Ice Skate, for each time a flower bloom when I go for one.

But so far, have you decided to Ride a Bike yet?

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