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Shounen Maid

Shounen Maid
Boy Maid

Creator - Ototachibana


Published in

-Comic B's-Log, Enterbrain
-Comic B's-Log Kyun!, Enterbrain

5 Volumes | Ongoing

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Story plot started with Komiya Chihiro's mum passed away, leaving him as the only child.

Even when she leave a letter to him, Chihiro still live as per normal though he initially was about to explode due to his mother's letter.

Even as he go to school as per normal, what he didn't expect was that his uncle, Takatori En, had come over to pick him up as his new guardian.

It was then that at this moment that Chihiro learnt that his mother was born from a well-fed family, except that she choose to cut her family ties after giving birth to Chihiro with another man.

He was thought he come from a poor family, as his mother went to work and Chihiro help to keep the house clean, interestingly, he been pointed out as a potential Future House-Husband.

His cooking is also very good, but just he was unable to take in all the point that his relatives had choose not to help his mother in their times of need, he gone into "work" mode when he found out that his uncle's house was very dirty.

That is when Takatori decided to make a deal with Chihiro so that he will stay over at his new house; Work by keeping the house clean, so that he can have his own room, 3 meals and some allowance.

Due to that, he agreed as Chihiro is unable to survive on outside on his own. Good thing is that Chihiro's friends were very worried about him in the first place, and scared of him being homeless.

Initially, they were relieved that he was able to find a new home, but worried if he was ill treated due to Chihiro's poor acting and lying.

Also, Chihiro was unable to fully open his heart to Takatori, but later start to care for him as a family member. This is a Shoujo Manga, and from what I seen, there isn't any Yaoi scene but the drawing are all very cute indeed.

What I like about this manga is how Chihiro wear a Maid-like costume, except that he is wearing a normal short instead of a skirt. Maybe is the headband and apron that made him look more like a Maid instead of a Butler.

Well, Chihiro just wear it anyway while he clean the house and cook for the family. He also take Dirt as a very serious enemies, and will ensure that no dirt will be spotted by him.

He did ensure that the whole room sparkly before he stop.

Like how I peeked into another manga where a boy like Clean so much that he can wear mask and other to ensure dirt don't get to him, Chihiro just gone into work mode to wash those dirt away.

And his uncle, Takatori is the Funny type for this Manga. And I loved how he teased Chihiro for the fun out of it.

As far as I peeked, do you want to hire this Shounen Maid to clean your house too?

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