Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 18 December 2012

This week, I just got my Sparkly Eyes on for the Figurines, since mostly are the Nendoroid from Good Smile Company, which I can't resist their cuteness.

And first on the line, the 300th Nendoroid which is revealed to be Miku!!

300th Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Ver.2.0
@Good Smile Company

I been playing with my New Nendoroids, and might be due to that, which I tend to peek at Nendoroid more, but it also seem that there are more Nendoroid being out for grab too.

End of the World in few more day? Well, It sure doesn't seem to affect Good Smile Company from releasing those cute Nendoroid up for grabbing.

Even the 300th Nendoroid, Miku sure look very cute that I also wish and want to grab one for my next year Birthday, since it also fall on my birthday month.

If I want to have other nendoroids too, then let continue peeking.

Houki Shinonono Nendoroid
@Good Smile Company

First in line for the Infinite Stratos girl is Houki, and no doubt the other will be coming out at a later timing, but to be released on next year June, that sure take very long.

Don't expect them to have their IS unit to be accompanying them this time, but Houki will be holding to be a very dangerous Wooden Swords with her instead.

I do want to get strike out by her, but her Smiling Face just too overkill including to her angry face.

If you want a Girl with Mecha, then this should do.

Rin & Wooser + MechaWooser Nendoroid
@Good Smile Company

Seem like the most lazy Main Character Wooser will be only fix to one pose, as he too lazy to pose anyway.

But Rin and Mecha Wooser will have their movement to pose indeed. Also they just too cute not to grab with, and it seem like Rin will have her Swimsuit Version out in a matter of time only.

There another cute girl with her cute doll if you want.

Nodoka Haramura Nendoroid
@Good Smile Company

Though I like to play Mahjong for leisure sometime, I actually not very good in it, plus I don't play for the sake of winning or betting.

But if I may, I think Nodoka would be one strong opponent, and a friend to play with. So if you are lacking in skills, or need someone to play Mahjong with, maybe you can invite her.

I like how this one can have different hair style, which one can decided for her. And her Cute Penguin is very cute instead. Oh! Did I mentioned somewhere that my very first toy was a Penguin Plushie?

If you want girl to be powerful and holding dangerous weapons and flying around, then this Nendoroid should do.

Gertrud Barkhorn Nendoroid
@Good Smile Company

Their Animals ear still got me wondering what they are truly for, but their flying device just look so cool.

Though you can't expect the Nendoroid to flying anywhere, nor her Weapons shooting anything out, but they look very nicely dangerous, on top to that fierce Face Expression.

She got her normal and cute face expression on top of that, and you can choose to let her to fly or not, though I might go for the normal mode. I'm scared that she might shoot me when I sleeping.

Or you can go for a cute Imouto if you're also scared.

Kirino Kousaka Posable Figure @Amiami

I sure looking forward for it second Season next year, so if you want to peek at Kirino more, then grab this.

As she also model as part time, she sure know how to pose, for a Posable Figurine, and she got her cellphone with her if you try to do anything funny to her.

Well, I sure would love to have a cute and nice imouto like her, and maybe spoil her a bit.

With so many cute Figurines being peeked in order to improve our Eye Sight, let close this figurines Report with another Fans Services Figurine again.

Tamaki Kosaka @Amiami

Tamaki sure know how to get one to Nosebleed, and I did get stunned for a few moments. Maybe this White Version is too sexier than her normal Version.

And she got her friend to hold her hand with, if you're wondering why with the Left Hand pose. Sure look very nice to have a friend to hold hands with.

Looking at them might / not improve Eye Sight, but the side effect of Nose bleeding is a very nice price to pay.

Having peeked at those nice and Cute Figurines, any of them got your Clean Hand wanting to grab them?


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