Monday, December 24, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Report 24 December 2012

With Christmas just being tomorrow, there sure are many Walkers around, and maybe peeking for some thing interesting while they are at in. Some even got their Clean Hand grabbing some stuffs.

For sure in Singapore, though it Christmas and New Year period, my dad had gone into Chinese New Year Mode instead for selling those nice little red stuffs.

But I think what one Otaku might be looking for would be some Anime Goods, like Straps which can be used for Christmas Decoration on a Tree.

It would be what one might be looking for, when decorating a Christmas, but doesn't want to buy those common Decoration, so what one can do with is making good uses of those Straps, Keychains. and anything that you can think and place them up as decoration. I'm sure that would be what they call an Otaku (Christmas) Tree and I do hope Santa will place some more Anime stuffs as presents.

Sword Art Online and many different anime may be ending their Season this month, but their Anime Goods and Figurines are still around.

Sword Art Online Trading Strap @Amiami
-(Pic-Lil!) Asuna Collection BOX
-(Petanko) Aincrad Arc BOX

It depend if you want to collect the whole gang, or just Asuna doing all her cute poses. Sword Art Online did end on the Second Arc, in which just so nice is a very happy Ending though I wish they would come out with Second Season next year since the second half is very interesting from what I had Peeked.

Not gonna spoil that, but if you're interested to know more, there are some spoiler info in Wikipedia or just read at some site like Baka-Tsuki.

What I can is that Kirito Adventure is not going to end in anyway, even though the Anime seem like the gang are very happy, and Kirito will get one more girl to like him; Oh how nice for Asuna to keep showing her Yandere Side, which the Special arc shown how Kirito come to be afraid when he saw Asuna's "Scary Face" Mode.

While Trading Strap is very nice, but if you want Keychains instead, it seem like the Gang from Cardfight!! Vanguard are out to play.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Emblem Keychain @Amiami
-Misaki Tokura
-Reon Souryuu
-Ren Suzugamori
-Kamui Katsuragi
-Taishi Miwa
-Toshiki Kai
-Aichi Sendou

The game is very popular, which remind me once of Yu-gi-Oh which I used to play a lot, and till now I still very good in it, but for new cards, I might need to re-play, re-learn the tactics and knowing the new cards. The changes are a lot and it will be the same as Cardfight!! Vanguard. Well the show is not bad for peeking too. Wonder if I can get to meet the big boss some time or day.

Almost forgot that I do need some stand for my mobile, and so great that it having Kirito and Asuna for both version.

Smartphone Stand @Amiami
-Sword Art Online #01
-Sword Art Online #02

Both still look nice, though the Second one is more preferably. Well their pose and action seem ready to strike any Boss or Monster down.

And they do look strong enough to support my iphone, and it might be another reason for me to continue switching on the Mirai Clock 3.

And since it about time to send those nice Postcards for New Year, I wonder if those Jigsaw can be used instead.

Atelier Series - Trading Mini Jigsaw BOX @Amiami

Well, you can write the message at the back of the complete, and pass them to the one you wish to give.

If you want them to have a challenges, then then them pieces and let them build one. You can just give them the box and said it's a Christmas Present too.

The arts in Atelier series are very nice, and the game graphic appealing point is the art itself than the gameplay, and I do like those nice graphic and cute characters.

The trading mini Jigsaw cost 2670 Yen for a set of 5, which is actually cheap, plus you can use them as decoration on wall, or give one to a person if you're wishing them Christmas / New Year since it at Post Card size. The setback of getting this Atelier Series, the release date being on Feb 2013.

While, you can grab the Vocaloid Precious Memories cards game, which I personally would want to grab, but the Carton cost sure shocked me at first.

Precious Memories - Miku Hatsune @Amiami
-Starter Deck Pack
-Booster BOX
-Starter Deck BOX
-Booster 16 BOX Carton

Well, the price of carton is instead very shocked until I notice what was inside, so the Starter Deck Pack is more than enough, if you can take peek if you want to, and if you got the extra paper and coins, then go ahead and grab it.

My Peeking Eye will get Greenery Eye if you want to know how I might or will react. In anyway, Miku's hair is green, which is why peeking at her will help to improve on Eyesight; She got the Green and the Cuteness.

On my hands I would grab some Cushion to appeal my Greenery Eye.

Cushion @Amiami
-Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo
-Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

Well, Cushion are nice to have and they are great in many uses, as pillow and as decoration. They also help to liven the room and increasing the Otaku Room Level at the same time, which is what many would want including myself. They are very soft, can be wash to ensure their cleanliness and the internal cushion can be bought at separate price.

I personally own a few cushions too, and I do change the cushion to different Series whenever I felt like it. Removing all of them from my bed would made it very plain indeed.

With so many nice Anime Goods to know and peek, do you wish for one to be in your Christmas / New Year Wishlist?

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