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Sword Art Online

Sōdo Āto Onrain
Sword Art Online (SAO)

Creator - Reki Kawahara


Light Novel 
Drawn by Abec
Published by ASCII Media Works
10 Volumes [Ongoing]
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SAO: Aincrad
Drawn by Tamako Nakamura
Published in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, ASCII Media Works
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
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SAO : 4-Koma
Drawn by Juusei Minami
Published in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, ASCII Media Works
No Volume yet [Ongoing]
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SAO: Fairy Dance
Drawn by Hazuki Tsubasa
Published in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, ASCII Media Works
No Volume yet [Ongoing]
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Directed by Tomohiko Ito
Music by Yuki Kajiura
Studio - A-1 Pictures
Claimed 25 Episodes [5 Episodes so far | Ongoing]
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Story Plot started off with a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game being released and was hot on sale.

Sword Art Online, or SAO for short, is a game that needed the NerveGear, a VR helmet which stimulates the user Five Senses.

If you notice, it's the very same Creator of the Accel World Story, so it best if you take some basic knowledge from that World.

Even the word "Link" at the start got me wonder if the Creator of both Story World like that word.

Enough Word fetish, and this game is basically having many players logging in fast and getting started to play.

What many didn't know, is that the Game Creator, Akihiko Kayaba who also created NerveGear, had a hidden plot and prevented the players from logging out. A very Dark Feature in the game, but there are more than that.

Kayaba had warned the world, and told the Players' Family and Friends not to get the Players' NerveGear Helmet off, or get the risk of having them Brain Fried, which is instant Death.

Kayaba, appeared as the Game Master, and did give the News to get the players all panic. Even 213 players died from it, is not even a joke in their world.

And since the "Re-Spawn" after death is disabled, the players will really died if their Hp reached 0, and that including their Real world bodies.

A real only 1 Life situation, those who don't believed really Died, which many are afraid of. Even the first one to die is a very stubborn one; trying to act hero by jumping off a Cliff.

Though they don't felt the pain of the damages done to them, as long as their Hp drop to 0, they died.

Though I wonder how the Damage count from those Monsters in the game as some die from 1 hit in the story, while some other can still take some more hits. Even having Skills in the game sure is very unique.

In order to be set free from the Game World, Aincrad, where the world is like a big tower, they must beat the Final Boss at the Final 100th Floor.

But there is a set back, Kayaba had did some resetting in the Monsters, including the Boss, which made Beta Testers helpless as they are unable to use their knowledge during the Testing period.

But that didn't stop Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya) from getting the title "Beater", from Beta Tester and Cheater. Kirito is the first to receive it.

Kirito is the Main Hero, and a Soloist too, which did earned him another title; The Black Swordsman since he like to wear black clothes, and the only person who can used 2 swords at one, a Dual Blades User due to a Unique Skill unlocked.

Interestingly, Asuna (Asuna Yuuki) was also a soloist, and form a party with Kirito at first in order to help out in finally clearing the first Boss after 1 month of the Game, and 2000 deaths.

And that not all, since later on, both Kirito and Asuna been together, and Asuna and a Blacksmith, Agil (Andrew Gilbert Mills) know the real Reason why Kirito is the only one to hold the Title "Beater".

Even so, Asuna most probably the one who level up her Chef Skills, as many do not bother level due to it being unable to use in battle or Game.

They can eat Foods in the game which trick their mind into thinking that they are not hungry, but their real bodies are being placed at Hospital.

Both Kirito and Asuna are really and seriously in Love with each other later on, to the point that they marry in game, and become Boy/Girlfriend after meeting up in the Real World.

Both did "Adopted" an A.I. programmed girl Yui, and calling both Kirito and Asuna "Papa and Mama" did proved a funny thing which made three of them a family, but in the game, but mentally.

The Love between is very seriously that should one die, other would commit suicide, or disregard his/her own life just to save the other.

But I don't hate this kind of relationship between them, though there are other girls who got a crush on Kirito, but he only got Asuna in his eye, and Yui as his daughter if he say the second girl should he love.

Not going to spoiler way much than that, but information and Spoiler are best read at your own risk, which I been peeking on it Light Novels, and frankly saying, not many Light Novel got me Sparkly Eye Activated just to peek on it.

As far as I peeked, are you ready to take a peek into the Tower Clearing Battle in Sword Art Online?
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