Friday, August 3, 2012

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Mayoi Neko Ōbāran!

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Creator - Tomohiro Matsu


Light Novel
12 Volumes [Completed]
Published by Shueisha
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Drawn by Kentaro Yabuki
2 Volumes [Completed]
Published in Jump Square, Shueisha
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Directed by 12 different people
Studio - AIC
13 Episodes
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Story Plot start with Takumi Tsuzuki getting woken up and peeking at Fumino Serizawa Panty!

Just kidding, but anyway, the plot was started with both of them who been childhood friends for 10 years, and knowing each other very well.

They were also orphan, until Takumi being "adopted" by Otome Tsuzuki, who is also well known for being too helpful, and even bring back home Stray Neko.

Also, being an baker who open a store, Takumi always took care of the shore with Fumino, and the stray Neko too.

Good thing is they get to attend their school for free, since they do not have any parents.

Fumino tend to say anything, but totally mean the opposite. Caused indirectly by Takumi during their childhood period.

Amazingly, from a Shy Crybaby Girly, can turned into a Raging, Loud Voice and Poweful Monster. Even her punches can leave holes around.

Takumi tend to get the hit more than his friend though, which is due to unexpected spot. Well, Fumino is in love with him, though he is very oblivious on it.

Another girl in love with Takumi, is the Rich and Spoiled Chise Umenomori. As she do not meet with her parents much, and didn't feel the warmth of a family, she "technically" an orphan too.

Interestingly, is that she tend to make full use of her wealth to get thing her ways, and I wonder why the characters like to play with Cosplay a lot.

I wonder about the school who use "Victory", "Hardwork" and "Friendship" as motto instead. I understand that hardworking and help from friends is important during youth, but Victory?!

Also, I find that the 2 maids, Sato and Suzuki,  following Chise very suspicious, until they were reveal to be classmate of Takumi, and one being a second year.

They seriously don't look like it when they wearing their Maid suit! ∑(O_O;)

Next appearing is Nozomi Kiriya, with "Neko Ears" hairstyle. Being very Clever and Sporty, she sure can be very airhead. But the fact that she can do anything even if on first try, is just enough to make one speechless. Even I'm not sure what to say or comment on this.

She even single-handed on going against 2 teams on a Sport Events, and even winning them with over-whelming power.

Well, her tendency to say "Nya~" is enough to overkill her cuteness anyway.

Though she didn't want to get in the way of Fumino and Chise affection for Takumi, she later accept her own feeling, and even want to get closer to Takumi.

I find her mixing Bloomer and Tights together is enough to make laugh on the floor, since the combination also cause many dismay for the students.

With Chise's help, they formed a "Stray Cats" club, together with their friends, whose main purpose is to help people around.

Due to that, Takumi's life was filled with many interesting stuffs, which I find the anime strangely random, but interesting to peek.

I amazed at how many Directors, Story plotter, and staffs were ask to assist in this anime!! Praise for the Creator for even thinking something like this up.

The same thing went to the Music department where many different song were insert into the Anime. The Manga got To-Love-ru making Cameo Appearance too.

I laughed at the "Thank You Bloomer" songs due to the interesting Lyrics, and "Happy New Nyaa" very nice, and healthy to the Listening Ear.

So, did you peeked into the Stray Cat Club with Random Stuff lying around in Mayoi Neko Overrun! yet?
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