Monday, August 20, 2012

Mada's Figurines Reports 20 August 2012

There always new figurines to peek, and somehow it seem like it become a habit that I start Monday right off with Figurines Report.

Not a bad thing, since it's good to take a few peek at some new incoming Figurines, but I peek mostly at Amiami Site for simple preferences.

Got me Sparkly Eye right off the bat is Nanoha in both her Adult and Child Form, which show how big of a different when she was a child before an Adult.

What one can say is that she become more beautiful and got a nice body. Who say Adult Girls can't be Magical Girls too? She can!

Powerful and Beautiful, another Dangerous girl not to cross with;

Kind of want to take a re-peeking into it very first Season when Nanoha started off as a Magical girl, and let me wonder how I can let this Figma do some nice Action.

As for the Adult form in Swimsuit, I might place it next to my bed, though I wonder if I able to earn a little more first instead, or maybe placing some Tissue Box with Nice Cover instead.

Another in Swimsuit is also Komaki.

-Manaka Komaki (Pool Arc / Blue) @Amiami
-Manaka Komaki (Pool Arc / White) @Amiami

Well, I do considering grabbing some nice Bath Poster if I ever getting a nice house for myself, and maybe placing one or two nice Figurines in their Swimsuit in the bathroom too.

The white edition seem very tempting to be grabbed, but it would be nice if Komaki can take a nice bath in her swimsuit instead.

The way she pose is very nice, and I wonder if she still a growing girl.

Ready to set off to Space or to the Beach;

Yashiro sure do have her cute side, and ready to go out to space with her suit. Only the Deluxe Edition enable her to remove her suit though.

As an Alien Esper, she sure know to play some beach ball too, and I do prefer she in her swimsuit, though the Spacesuit do kind of bother me in some way or another.

I wonder did she even wear that same suit and go into Space for some Floating around Session.

Wearing a special suit and going around with her penguins group;

Princess of the Crystal (Figma) @Amiami

Strangely enough, even when I post some of her figurines in previous posts, I prefer to grab this figma instead, since her Face expression is very nice, and she can remove her "dress".

It depend on the one who grab her to decide how she pose the best.

I must praise the sculptor for designing such nice Face Expression which so far got me very very interested.

This figma did not got me notice due to it being from Persona 4 or able to do some dangerous move, but instead, it was her disguise that got me the shock.

Yukiko Amagi Figma @Amiami

Her disguise somehow is bothering in some ways, and I wonder how that can get her away from some problems or troubles.

Even so, her skills is not to be reckoned with, plus her beauty is also on another level. Be careful if you seem her holding a fan.

Well, the weather is sure very hot for this few days, so she would be holding on her to her hold most of the time anyway.

Someone even more dangerous with her both Sniper Rifle and Beauty.

Yoko Littner Figma @Amiami

I must say that the joint for this Figma is pretty much at the right point, especially for the hips part. And when she do some action, it sure look very dangerous and yet cool too.

She best suit to hold on to her Sniper Rifle, and you might want to ask to look out for you just in case you're being targeted by other.

If not, ask her to be your teacher and teach you on some Math and Science normally.

Living as Normal Life, but also not really.

Don't get to see such cute Nendoroid around, and the Creator with her Robot sure look very nice together, with their Pet Cat too.

One can wonder how Hakase can invent such interesting stuffs, and into Nano unexpectedly even if they are living as Normally.

I always laugh when unexpected thing happened in this story, but I never know that the Figurines would look so many times cuter instead.

I personally prefer Hakase since her cute face when drinking some tea is very nice, with her sitting pose make it even better.

Since it's the Lunar 7th Month and the Ghost Festival, so let close this week peeking with a cute Ghost Girl. (>_< ||)

Meiko Honma @Amiami

Pretty Cute and very cheerful for a ghost, and I wonder how she wander around at night, which can scared any other who do not know her.

If you're inviting some ghost, don't forget about her, since she is also helpful and seem to know other people's feeling too.

As far as I peeked, any Figurine got you wanting to peek more?

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