Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo Peeking at Figma

Ok, as promised, This post will be some photos of my figma.

Really want to take a lot more, but fixing their hand and action do take some times, but it really worth it.

At least for now, I will try to grab hold on to some nice Figma to take nice photo at later date and time.

As for now, take a few peek here.

Oppai Grabbing!!

BRS Biting on Ice Cream

Want to try?

Ice Shave or Luka?

Weather is Hot, so they bite on Cold Stuff

They want to eat fresh Sashimi

Face Palm

See what See?

Rock Paper Scissor!

Want to arm

Rock Paper Scissor again

BRS is jealous

ready to charge

Let take a walk
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