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Dr. Rurru

Doctor Rurru
Dr. Rurru

Creator - Maeda Risou

Series - Manga
Published in Jump SQ, Shueisha
3 Volumes [Completed]

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Story Plot started off with Minao Hitoharu, an Aspiring Doctor, having infected with a Planet-threatening Space Disease; Demon Flu.

And in order to help him surpass the disease, would be Dr. Rurru, a Space Docter of Space Medical Bureau. Interestingly, she is someone who can very easily Mishear and Misspeak to any extend.

A naked encounter and Thing about Alien didn't buy her off, and Minao didn't believe her at first, including his Illness.

Demon Flu, is an Incurable Space Disease, which can affect the Surrounding Environment based on the condition of the Patients. Meaning to say, if Minao Cough, there would be thunder and just a sniff can summon a Tornado out of nowhere.

Due to a slight Fever at the start, it explained that it was due to Minao's fever, and it was very interesting to see when his Cold can summon Snow before Blizzard due to low temperature later on.

What caused Minao wish to be a Doctor was due to a Doctor saving his mother in an emergency when he was young. But in order to get into a good school, he need to live by himself, that is until Dr. Rurru come into his Life.

At the earlier starting point, there were other characters like an Assassin, Ranra, who is employed to take Minao's Blood for Sampling. But due to his kindness, Ranra was given food after she faint before killing him off, which caused Ranra to quit the Organization she working for.

If the Creator didn't written her off after one chapters, it would be very interesting to see her back and helping out. This Manga was finished at 12 Chapters, but it's still interesting to peek on.

Dr Rurru, despite being an Air-head, is considered as a Top Notch Space docter, with Beautiful Look and Body.

Even her Rival which mistaken as a friend instead, hated for being chosen as the Attending Doctor for Minao.

Of course there are other Space Doctor who come to take a look at Minao's condition, and due to their weirdness, Minao taken them as either idiot or just Strange.

Even later on, his childhood friend, Aoi Kidou, come to his neighborhood to look for him, just to be Nurse helping next to Minao. But even as she say that, she got very low confident / knowledge when it come to medical.

I was wondering how Aoi was reacting when she meet Dr Rurru at first, not knowing about her relationship with Minao.

Having her guiding to Minao's house just to hear Rurru living with Minao got her Shocked. And Minao forgotten about her got her twice as much.

At least later on Minao recall about it, but I wonder how Aoi train so hard on her physical strength to be a Nurse.

So far, despite being a short 12 Chapters, I find it to be interesting in it own sense, like how Minao's lifestyle can affect the environment a lot, like just a small static shock can summon a lightning.

Even other Space Doctors and Employee from other Organization are after Minao, though Dr Rurru is there to protect him. Aoi later on also appear to help, and her Temper and Strength to not to be crossed against with.

Also, there are some Eye-Candy Sense, which pretty much seem to be unsuitable for the young, but very healthy for the eye. Parent guidance is needed for the young first.

I did grab all 3 volumes, and do take a nice short peek once in a well. Pretty interesting but could be better, though it ended.

As far as I peeked, do you want to be cured from Space Disease with help from the beautifully Air-headed Space Docter, Dr Rurru?
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