Friday, August 31, 2012

Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko

Let take a peek into 2 Figurines which just stepped into my room, and I did mentioned in my previous post that I going to take 4 girls in swimsuit today.

Misaka and Kuroko are No.9 and 10 Girl in Swimsuits to step into my room, not counting Black Rock Shooter who seem to be in one, but at the same time not.

Later 2 will be post up, though I never did took any photo of them for some time until now. Let just take a peek at Misaka and Kuroko while I currently taking Charlotte and Laura from Infinite Stratos.

Just Photo Peeking again, and not much words to write down here too.

Left - Kuroko | Right - Misaka

Her Gekoto Float is removable

Misaka without her Float

I wonder how she can keep that pose for so long

Some stretching before swimming

Buddy Shoot

Misaka's Favorite Float

She seem to be thinking of something

I wonder what Kuruko is doing back there

A Teleporter and A Shocker

She seem happy

I wonder if Kuroko caught Misaka's attention yet?

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