Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 12 August 2012

So far cover both Reiki Kawahara Story, which I really give my praise for him for making nice stories;

-Accel World
-Sword Art Online

I won't mind playing those type of games, if they really got, plus the Creator can really try creating a game, since both Story are based on Games, but just the fighting for the Characters is real for them.

Well, I do like to peek at Manga and Anime, but Sword Art Online did let me peek into the Manga, before I go and peek on it Light Novel which pretty much got me addicted to it.

Of course there are also different other World that I peeked into for this week too;

Just click on those Bold blue words to go and peek into my previous posting, since I pretty much sum them up.

If you want to peek on other Manga/Anime which I peek, just click here to check them out.

I did go out and grab some nice Manga to peek on, and I still yet to peek on them, as I been peeking on Anime and Games playing. Even my room get a little more dirty, and I need to clear them again.

I wonder if it was due to my Walking Session that I caught hold to some sickness.

I don't really remember having a Sore throat that bad until now, but good thing is that I got some Poison Pills to keep me under control, for now.

I still having to do some more planning while I helping to clean the house. Even I need to clean my Dakimakura to ensure their Freshness in them.

There sure a lot of different stuffs I do wanna grab with my Clean hands, but for now, I need to control, until I let loose at AFA 2012. I wonder how many stuffs will be there for me to grab.

There is a STGCC event at 1st and 2nd September, with my Driving Test on the 3rd September, I wonder if I will hang out for too late, until I forgot about my test on the next day.

What I wanna grab from those Events are mostly Figurines, so let take a peek at what I peeked for this week, before I closing off for this week.

Mada's Figurine Report 06 Aug 2012

I do wonder how come this week Figurine Report is about some Dangerous girls, even though some of them are harmless.

Well, Ryosuke of Boku-Ecchi will treasure Girls a lot more, which I wish not to comment on his Ideal, since he do hang out with some very dangerous girls himself.

As for now, Gonna take some rest, and maybe some Manga Peeking for next week.

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