Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report on Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid

If you want to have a figurine that fit right in your palm, and get to a chance to go to Japan, then consider grabbing Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid with your clean hands!

Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid @Danny Choo

The forever 17 Cute young girl Mirai Nendoroid is up for pre-order, and it sure been in the Hot Seat in the Figurines World.

Currently, there are many different Nendoroids that is still on my wishlist, though I would really like to grab Black Rock Shooter Anime Ver. anytime.

Even so, Mirai Nendoroid is not a bad choice to add to the collection, and a very very great one, with some reasons which Mr Danny Choo mentioned himself.

First off, though Mirai can be a handful since she fit in just nice on the palm of your hand, her Cute Smile is what put a Smile on your face.

While, it also from Good Smile Company, which also another reason why you'll probably having a Smile on your face too.

But what actually amazed me about this Mirai Nendoroid is that all 3 of her Smiling Faces are just so cute; One with Anime Contact Lens, and the other doesn't. Last one is a very very Cute Smiling Face

For some unknown reason I prefer the second one, since it have the same face expression as Retrokyu, which follow her when you bought Mirai Nendoroid.

But what you can't expect from Retrokyu is that it can't transform into Mirai's Retrograge Suit. Since it got it own stand alone, so you can display him anywhere or anyhow as you like.

Or place it next to Mirai Nendoroid as her Sidekick.  It also around the right size for the Mirai Figma Version, though you'll need to think of something to let it float higher when next to the Figma version.

Or you can attach Retrokyu to your necklace or bracelet and wear it like Mr Danny Choo think of.

An Itasha also come with Mirai which you don't need to pay COE if you're in Singapore, but it also mean that you can't get to drive it either.

You can choose to display Mirai on the Itasha, or let her stand next to it and pose like a Race Queen.

I must praise to the one who thought of letting Mirai having her own Itasha which let me wondering one thing; do Mirai have her Driving License yet?

My Driving Test date is pretty near, which got me very nervous, but a game of Moekana would be a great way to relax, and learning Japanese at the same time too.

If you can't get another person to play with you, then look no farther, since Mirai who would be very near to you, will be playing Moekana with you too.

She also got her own Moekana too, which I might have to get my Concentration Eye to be Activated while playing Moekana with her.

Be careful though, her Trump Card "Tora" is more than enough to send anyone off.

If you got other Figurines/Dolls collection who is/are interested to learn Japanese, they may join you and Mirai in Moekana Card Game too.

If you're interested, and wish to pre-order Mirai Nendoroid, you may do so at the following Site;

You can choose to order from other Sites if you like, but do take note that about the Shipping/Delivering Fee too.

Mirai Nendoroid is at 4,000 Yen, though the retail price depend on the sites you going to preorder.

Although her Release date is set somewhere on December 2012, if you preorder her, you'll get a chance to go to Japan, though more info is in Mr Danny Choo's post.

And remember one things, though you may grab Mirai Nendoroid, the copyright still belong to Mr Danny Choo, which is mentioned in the Product Details.

As far as I peek into, have you decided to grab Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid, which come along with her Retrokyu, Moekana and Itasha with your clean hands yet? 

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