Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Doing Stuffs planning

This is how I peek at Manga
Been Peeking at past Manga and Anime for a while, but it don't mean that I not catching up on some of the latest series.

This season sure got many anime got me Sparkly Eye Activated, and I really like to see what happened next on the series each time. Though I getting more and more tired each time due to unknown reason.

And due to helping dad for past weeks, my skin is getting a bit more tanned, which I prefer not to.

Anyway, going to having some walking session around, and National Day is sure coming in 2 days more.

Gonna do some room cleaning again. and this time got a few torn clothes/pants need to clear out since I going to grab some nice new one! \(*o* |||)

My daily dose of Poison Pills (Medicine)
This week need to grab a few things, including the Poison Pills which I must take daily.

If you wanna grab this, best go check with a doctor, since for my case, it good for me instead.

Also, I wonder daily dose of this poison pills got me immune to poison yet, since I still living now.

Anyway, there still many Anime and Manga I still wanna peek, so still need to take good care of my health.

Though I wonder tomorrow will Black Rock Shooter Wallet kill me if I go grab some Manga or Stuffs at Orchard though....

Driving test is getting closer and closer each days, that I need to do some practical to ensure that I get to drive safety.

Hopefully I get to drive to AFA this year, and grab some stuffs and place them on the Car...

No money to get my own car, but got money to grab Manga and Anime, and some Games (=x= ||)

Even so, time to get do a lot of Manga and Anime Peeking, and getting an early nap, since I will be out all day tomorrow but, Posts from this blog will mysteriously get updated too! \(^o^ )
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