Sunday, October 21, 2007

New game to play? Try this OUT!

Hi all and i think u all may think what is this?
while the site is a forum site anyway but it is Raranak on-line.

Dun be surpise, but this server is in california and i from singapore. sure u may think why i dun play the local 1. but try this out la! the connection is good anyway and since it high-rate, while you might like this!

Am i crazy to say this?

cos for 1 thing, since it got same game play and also got some thing which is different from the official server, i can sure say u can go and try it out!

Why am i trying to promote this server? Well... just play it and u will know. so dun wait and go try it out anyway XD

Also go to to check your favr manga if whether they are out le or not. for me....
while many are out like D-Gray Man chp 132 and 133 is downloadable in the site now. it in english sub too.

Also Naruto Chp 375 is out too, but i cant believe on what Jiraya have done when during his younger years...but for now go and check this 2 manga out and also other anime or manga. there are many good manga out there and they are there for you to check them out too.

Well that all for now but i do hope you all will go and check them anyway XD
dun forgot to try out the site on NeRo!

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