Saturday, October 27, 2007

Time to get ready and still tired and slacking ~-~

now it not ,of course, the time to slack la
but at least i playing NeRo

and i like it and i got lucky today XS
but in maple i got ks until i change to other game ~~

dota ler?

sian ler dun want to play tt ~_~
cos got leaver halfway =-=

but ofcos not rly la lol

anyway i got headache thinking over my assignment tt y i think i going to do another le

for my mobile game assignment ...
i going to make another Froggy XD

i doing game programming.....but.....

Who Care Anyway? lol

so easy to do anyway XD

oh yar btw got Anime D.Grayman 55 and Naruto Shippuuden 32 is out le

oso go check anime -den for tsubasa 169 and 170 for manga

nid some spoliter?

k in D.Grayman, it about suman dark story and how he became a fallen...
and how allen going to save him although he do not noe tt once fallen, he will die no matter what..

in Naruto Shippuuden 32... it sad tt they lost a old grandma X(
but tt is some funny part like Guy piggy-bak kakashi...
and moving at a fast speed....

in tsubasa....
it just some little story where more prices nid to be pay and blar blar blar....

anyway tt is nothing to talk on but funny my parent always say they earn $ so as is for us to use...
but how to make them use the money for themselves?

Get them to see some anime or other VCD and they use it to buy it!
funny my family and i like to see anime together anyway XD

for today about my life zzz

i been sitting in front of my lappy from morning still now...
k not rly but i just done reformat my lappy..

but i cant use my internet explorer...

so use Firefox for now le anyway =(

today sure have good and bad thing but going out for some walk did make me better
den sitting and have no life stting in front of lappy XS

but Who Care?


Dun Care, Heck Care, AnyHow Care!XD

GDTA (-_+)|"
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