Monday, October 29, 2007

So Tired, So Full and so going to Sleep

i so tired but ready to sleep cos i going out tml
i so tired after doing some assignment ba
my elearning ...
make me more sian....

but dun care le

also today i cook curry udon and of cos
my dad eat alot XD

he just say ....

go do more cooking and i sure u be a chef den a game programer =-=''

anyway cos this so good that i eat too much XD

but i happy to listen to sound when eating..
mean all my family like my curry udon XD
how i cook so do?...
well i learnt from a teacher anyway XS
(japan custom of eating udon...more noise when eating nooble mean it more delious)
how i cook so good?...
well i learnt from a teacher anyway XS

but for now i and crazy and working on something else too XD
now even too bloat to do anything XS

also check the result of wwe cyper sunday at
sure the result is a bit shocking XD

but i for now...
sleep le...

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