Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walking Session with some Peeking around

I may be a Hikikomori, but I do get out of my Hiding spot once in a while, and it seem like that my Dad prefer me to go out than Rotting around at home.

There are some stuffs which I need to grab along, but I do need to go and take some peeking around before deciding for the grab.

I do considering first before grabbing, though there are some some when I go "Shut up and take my Money" situation.

Good things for yesterday is that the weather is great considering the Rainy Season, and I started my Walking Session with a Bowl of Instant Noodle cooked by Black Rock Shooter first.

Well, The trip first go from the Buddhist Temple at Bugis to pray for good Health and Some other personal stuffs, and from there, walking to Orchard Road.

Been a while since I walked from Bugis to Orchard instead since I tend to walk the other way around, and while I was lost on the way, I didn't thought that I would be giving other Passer-by direction to their own destination, and by the use of my Iphone.

My Iphone IOS still 5.0, so nothing much to worry about the map since it still accurate enough.

My hope is that those people don't go ended somewhere else, and I believe Walking Straight is really walking Straight enough unless they go turn other direction suddenly.

I watched many Anime where many Characters famous for their Lost sense of Direction always never failed to amaze me, even when the place they should go is just in front of them.

As for me, I tend to remember those Road by the Building instead, and one example to know that there is one Building invaded by Plant is between Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut. So if I ever get lost halfway, I'll need to find this Plant-invaded Building unless there many other same building that also invaded by Plants too.

Walking from Bugis to Ngee Ann City Singapore might seem simple, but since I meeting my Imouto in early evening, I had to walk back as Exercising.

I was looking around and never bought anything, though my One and Only Keycap from California had arrived to be placed onto my keyboard.

Had to thank my friend for his help.

I still got some Anime I wanna peek and I had to increase the volume bit higher since there some renovation on my block. They start work at times when people are not sleeping, but I'm amazed at some cases where there are people who can go Enrage and do something funny from what I peeked at some Recent New.

I would had do the same, but like what Singapore been voted for; just ignore it and be Expressionless / Emotionless. That the same expression which I been wearing when I go for Walking Session, but I wonder why I can attract attention and having people coming up to me for Direction or advertising their stuffs.

As for now, time for some Anime Peeking.
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