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Fuku Neko (Manga)

Fuku Neko
Fortune Cat

Creator - Misa Tomoko


Published in Comic YA! , Green Arrow Shuppansha
1 Volumes [Completed]
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Story Plot started with a boy who given his bento to a stray cat, who followed him all the way back home.

Interestingly, it was more like the stray cat is a girl with Neko ears and tail, and that not all, she really is a living Neko Girl, which was transformed due to the power of God.

But he failed at the transformation though, and to think that the god in this Manga World is a Little Old Man who is around the size (maybe smaller than) of your fist.

In anyway, Miya the Neko girl took a liking to Ichirou. Since there wasn't any mention of the boy's true name, so we will stick with Ichirou, since he wasted one year of studying and not able to pass the School Entrance Test.

Ichirou did mentioned not to call him Ichirou as it not his real name, but he didn't mentioned what his real name is, so Miya and the other been calling him Ichirou.

But there something different about Miya, she a new pure cat who is not aware of the real world, so Ichirou need to teach her, on top of needing to feed her with food.

He live with some expenses which he get for each month, so there is a limit to how much he can buy food with. Plus it seem that he choose to buy bento or canned food instead of cooking.

So he always in the red, and he do need to look out for Miya most of the time, scolding her when she did something bad.

Nao, another spirit cat with 2 tails was the one who been teaching Miya, but due to Miya looking like a human, people tend to get surprise, and Ichirou in trouble.

Ichirou didn't get any luck himself, and to think that he got a Virgin Neko girl at his home and he can't do anything to her.

Well, he even doesn't have any help from God himself. And to think that God stay at the shrine and ask Ichirou to take good care of Miya.

I not very sure on what actually happened for Miya's past, as it was mentioned that she was taken care by an another old man, until the god take over.

And now it Ichirou's turn to take care of her, and maybe to teach some social and basic skills.

He tend to get his hands full instead, and to think that he initially though Miya was just some cute cosplayer he pass by.

Well, he had just pick himself a Cute Neko Girl who is freeloading on him, and Miya tend to sleep most of the day in Ichirou's house.

Despite having Human body, Miya can surprising sleep like a cat, and the position and pose is also the same as a sleeping cat. I wonder how the table can hold her while she sleep on top of it.

Anyway, for a short Manga Peeking, I like how the story go on what happened when you keep a stray cat, and a Neko girl on top of that.

For the title Fuku Neko, I initially thought the girl is going to bring fortune to the boy, but after reading it.

I find it a whole different plot, and very far away from what I expected. I will give praise to the Creator for this part, but what got me wondering is why the creator decided not to mentioned the boy real name, only Ichirou.

I come across this Manga, because the plot seem interesting, there few chapters to peek into and to think that I expected ways different from what I though at first.

Well, I would still say that it not bad for a Short Manga Peeking, and I like how the thing go with the plot and joke.

As far as I Peeked, do you want to pick up some Stray Neko girl and take good care of her in Fuku Neko?

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