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Ixion Saga DT

イクシオン サーガ DT
Ixion Saga DT
DT = Dimensional Transfer

Creator - Capcom (Company)
(Original based off on-line Game Ixion Saga)


Directed by Shinji Takamatsu
Studio - Brain's Base
5 Episodes so far [Ongoing]
(Claimed to have 24 Episodes)

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Ixion Saga
Drawn by Yūsaku Komiyama
Published in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, Kodansha

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Ixion Saga ED 
Drawn by Hazuki Futaba
Published in Comic Zero-Sum, Ichijinsha

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Light Novel*
Published by Kodansha

*Please note that the following are claimed to be adapted from the Anime Version, and will be released at a later time. So the Flight has yet to set off.

Story Plot started with Kon Hokaze while playing some games which seem like Monster Hunter 3, and he encounter a cute girl who need his help.

As a DT (DouTei - Male Virgin), he fell for the Sex Appeal, and accepted her request in hope to meet her, since she required that the help is in the real world.

But unknown to him, he was soon dragged into another world, Mira, and he fell though the portal just below his Swivel Chair.

The plot later jump into a scene where the Princess of St. Piria, Ecarlate was about to be caught by her attackers.

She had lost 4 guards to the pursuing Attackers, leaving both Mariandale and Sainglain.

Just when the 3 of them are being surrounding, Kon appear from the sky with his Swivel Chair and landed just right on top of the lieutenant, Variation.

Interestingly, it was later considered that Kon defeated him, as Variation was considered as one of the best swordsman. Accidents sure happened for Kon, which tend to pull though for the Party later.

As both the Princess group and Kon want some answers from each other, Kon later learned that he was transfer to their World for unknown reason.

Ecarlate and the other was only able to know that he a total nut as they don't understand his way of speech.

Kon got the hard part, as Sainglain is a Muscle-trained Veteran Swordsman, and Mariandale, a Maid who is excellent in Cooking to Wielding Dual Pistol, with a problem that She's a He too.

I got a laugh at Kon's reaction after learning of Mariandale's true Gender (Transgender), and she can later speak in a very Manly way.

With no knowledge, Money or idea on Survival, Kon had to stick with the Party, whom Mission was to bring the princess to the Neighboring Country Prince for Marriage.

It for their peace to prevent War, but Ecarlate is just 8 Years old, which Kon spoke to the third Person View (the Audiences) that the Marriage is a Crime.

As Kon felled with his Swivel Chair and Jacket only, he request to buy a shoe as a reward, since he wasn't wearing one.

Interestingly, he got one expensive and weird looking shoes which will serve it purpose in due time.

And this time, the Attackers were able to find the Group and start to pursue them again, which both Sainglain and Mariandale were the one fighting and Kon hiding with the princess.

But just as they are able to escape, they were stopped by the Leader of the Attacker, Erecpyle Dukakis (ED), who is also the Leader of militant faction that seek to stop the Princess from wedding and bring peace to the land.

Despite his cool look and strong skill in swords, and defeated both Sainglain and Mariandale, he was considered as an Idiot by Kon.

ED was kicked in the groin by Kon with the horned shoe, while ED was charging his Ultimate Attack to use it on Kon.

I did mentioned that the Shoes will serve it purpose and you should peek into the Anime / Wiki to know what happened to ED after being hit by those Sharp Horn Shoe.

It was funny, and sad for ED too.

Anyway, what got me peeking into this Anime was due to the Anime being based off an on-line game, though Kon isn't much aware of why he was brought there in the first place.

Almaflora was the one who tricked Kon into that world, and she is watching over the group most of the time.

What I said about this Anime is that the Epic Action done by Kon tend to be a funny one, but the party tend to pull though as Kon got his own share of Luck.

The only thing that he can do is to bring the princess to the Capital as they agreed to help find a way to bring Kon back to his world.

But on the mean while, he was to stay and protect the princess as the deal listed.

As far as I peeked, do you want to enter into the world of Mira and escort the Princess in Ixion Saga DT?

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