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Mada's Figurines Report 29 November 2012

It been a while since Last week I didn't post on Figurines, so this week Report is gonna be a long one.

And It seem like Dead Master is ready to play.

Dead Master Nendoroid (TV Ver.) @Amiami

Black Rock Shooter and next is Dead Master, seem like Strength and the other is just a matter of time, since characters like them need to prepare themselves before coming out.

They are cute girl after all, and this little nendoroid got her own chair with her, or you can just ask her to stand and hold that Dangerous Scythe.

She doesn't have her Signature 2 Black Skulls, but this got her own Smiling Face! How I can forgot that this is from Good Smile Company...

Another Cute girl that also making her appearance from Good Smile Company would be having her Robot accompanying her.

Akiho Senomiya Nendoroid @Amiami

She look very cute with her Glasses on too, but anyway, what she can do is controlling her Robot to do her bidding.

So please be careful though I forgot how she charge her Robot, or even still, isn't she helping in other giant robot, Gan-Tsuku?

Choosing between Dead Master and Akiho can be a headaches since both are very cute, I almost forgot that Akiho is wearing her School Uniform though.

I wonder if I seem too much School Slice of Life to the point that I taking them as normal clothing! I used to hate wearing my own School Uniform too. So it will depend on you a Grim reaper lover or School Girl Lover for you to grab either one, or you can just grab other.

Been a while since I last saw a pretty girls coming out in 3 different Modes.

Muv-Luv - Yui Takamura @Amiami

It isn't that easy to know what type of figurines to grab due to that point that all figurines may seem that same.

All three mode of Yui are in their Battle Suit, and she is holding on to her Katana readying herself to strike down anyone.

Interestingly after grabbing Black Rock Shooter Figurines, Figma and Nendorid, I just had to go compare the size of their Weapons and a look at their "Skins".

Maybe you can do the same by grabbing all Yui 3 different figurines modes.

What make them each individually unique is that for Complete Figurines, it just like s Statue standing there. Many would wonder what the purpose of it?

Well, for once is that since it so pretty; there are claim and study saying that Peeking, Looking or Staring at Kawaii / Moe things will improve the eyesight.

So one need to place them somewhere easily Visible plus having them help to increase the Room Otaku Level.

But the problem will be that they need to be care, like not under or expose to direct sunlight, and they need a bath when they get too dirty. Since they are fixed to one Pose, there are some who get bored due to that pose, which is why some prefer Figma and / or Nendoroid as both can change their pose and face expression very easily. It depend on whether one prefer a normal looking or a chibi looking one.

Interestingly, the Nendoroid got some Alien accompanying her, though I might prefer the Figma Mode instead.

Reason is that she look more cooler, though Nendoroid seem to be very cute not to choose too. Just that it lack a smiling face, but I can live with that Tsun Face Expression.

The Nendoroid Version got me a shock when it got her bleeding Face expression and pose too.

But if you going for Action pose, then Figma is the one you looking for. She can do almost any pose and that including her Ready to Strike pose.

If you can't choose, Flip a coin, close your eye and random choose if you going to grab only one of them. Or you can just grab both and be done with it. That how I choose my Black Rock Shooter TV Anime Figma and Nendoroid. Both same price and standing next to next inside their box. The temptation was far too great.

If you prefer another Girl in Suit and Evangelion, then you can consider this too.

First thing, she is lying down on the floor plus the great view to look at this Figurine is from the top, but that doesn't mean you can place it on the floor and step on it.

She got her doll to accompany this time around, which add her cuteness level, even when the suit itself look so great.

This come with a stand base so that you can place the Disk base, I did said that the great view is from the top, plus Asuka look great without the base too.

Problem will be you will see some dent in mark on her hair, which is to hold her firmly to the base in the first place.

Though if you looking for Girl with Swords / Katana, then that will be somehow different.

Kaori is wearing her usual clothing and to think that she lifting her shirt up to show bit of oppai!

Well, stare for too long and she'll strike you down with either her String or Katana. Wonder if she using her Feminine side as another weapon now.

What seem bit out of place and having me saying that is that both her Face expression and her Hand holding on to that Katana is not syncing in the first place.

It really as if she will strike you down if you let down your guard or get too near, but some might say they wouldn't mind dying after staring at her Oppai. Well, the details at Amiami did mentioned that it was for those who stare at her and enjoy the scenes too.

Another girl also holding on to her Sword, but her clothing almost let me thought of Bleach.

She is the Main Heroine in Blood-C, but this figurines actually got me wondering since when did Bleach had this character in those Captain Rank.

She is wearing that White Cloak and there is a Black marking at the same place too. 

The white cloak also don't seem like it removable, but that show that there are Wind blowing her way. She will feel the wind more if you place her near to a Fan or something.

If you want another girl other than Saya to fight off Youkai, then maybe ask this Immortal.

She may be a loner, but she is an Immortal who help nearby villagers to fight off Youkai, but I tend to forget that she is very old for someone who is immortal and having eternal youth.

Initially she got the Maiden Shrine view, though her clothing doesn't seem like it, but she is a kind girl other than having her Revenge.

Her Fire Wings actually look very great and nice, but still best not too cross that line since she the Anti-social type. But she a great one to have in the room to protect your from Youkai.

Maybe enough of powerful girl and let go out with some cute girls.

Oh, I would love to grab this Figma since she get to wear her Tiger Hoodie, and Hoodie are great!!

Sonico also got her Guitar which she can play some nice music to you, but you'll need to imagine that songs yourself, or you actually playing the music via iTunes, Media Player or other music players.

If you got Mirai Suenaga Figma, then you can consider placing both together since they are best friends, and I wonder if Danny will design a Hoodie for Mirai sometime later.

Maybe a matter of time only, plus for a figma, Sonico sure know how to do many sweet pose, including a jump after the last strike on her guitar.

There are other cute girls in their Causal clothing who you can ask for some dates.
They do wear some nice clothings, especially for Kuroneko who usually wear her favor character costume.

Both Kirino and Kuroneko sure can go for some Photo-taking, since they both look great together, and Kirino even prepare with her pose.

Both are Otaku with their own favor type of fetish, so one should have prepared beforehand what they might talk about.

Talking about the same things / topic can help with communications since they are aware and know what they are talking about. That what happened between Kirino and Kuroneko at first when they first meet; They got different view on each other favor Anime.

But if you prefer to have girl serving you instead, maybe a Maid or a Host should do the trick.

It seem great that Haruko is serving some nice Tea in her Maid clothes, even when she is a very powerful Swords-woman in the first place.

She sure look great in her Maid mode than holding on to that powerful Sword, and she is smiling very happy herself when she serving the tea.

But careful not to cross the line else she get can her sword out of no where. Anyway, I wonder if those girls like wearing those mini-skirt or what.

Even the host from Dream C also having their dress seem short.

The game is a dating sim, so you can try dating Setsu for the first, though I wonder if the other girls will be release.

There are many different Maker / Product of Dream C Girls, so you can just head over to Amiami or other site to check it out.

They may be host, but their clothing give me the first impression that they are Maid of some Mansion. That is until I went and ask Google to know more.

If clothing is too restricting, then let take a few last peeking at girl in near naked clothing.

To be wearing and posing at such a nice angle, she sure look dangerous pretty and sexy and the black color of the costume add in some level of appeal.

Cats don't really like their tail to be grab but this Neko-Girl is grabbing her, and she is almost lying down to the floor.

Even I stare at this Figurine for some time and realized that I got stunned for a minutes, since it one good figurine to grab with clean hand.

If you prefer a Red hair with white, then this might do the trick.

I don't know why the Sexy Version, but considering it under the Maker of FREEing, then that might explained just a little since the Maker is well-know for sexy and nice figurines that some come in a set.

And they tend to cost more than 12.000 Yen, but the quality of it is worth it.

Ganessa can also remove her clothing if you want, and she look great next with Rana. Wonder if it was due to their white stocking, which made them very sexy.

Though I would like to grab Tamaki at the same time too, if you're considering which is the cheaper one.

Again, last in line would be the Swimsuit!

She got 2 friends waiting for her too; Remon and Kanna. And she got her pet with her too.

Ok, I know that the last 3 girls on this figurines report are red hair, and it just so happened that they all look so great and sexy too.

Well, maybe I staring at their Oppai for too long that I can hit my head against the wall to wake myself up.

In anyway, Ichika look great with her pose and ready for photo-taking instead of taking dip in the pool or sea. 

Maybe she trying to catch the attention of someone else she like, I wonder if all 3 red hair are started out with such nice body. Well, I once dyed my Hair to Red before.

As for now, maybe I need to wash myself with cold water to Purify my mind. So as far as I peeked, do you want any of the girls to accompany you too?

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