Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Limit with a Head up

Well well... to think that I had reached the limit of the Free Storage of the Photo Upload provided by this Website, and now I got a few options, like getting on with another Free photo services or upgrading the current one which I currently using.

I can't delete the past photo since I uploaded them for past posts, but in order to upload latest photo, I will need to think up of new ways.

And that is why I was having headaches the whole day yesterday and not able to get off my bed.. Wait.. I was having a fever...

Having been uploading photo and doing many posts for about 9 Months, I should have notice the limited storage provided by Google and Blogger on how much storage they can freely provide.

Another Option is to switch to another account, but that just a waste of having to re-links all the information and posts, plus I hate having Reader having to switch to another Blog of mine.

Yup, I will think of a way so that this Blog will stay and I do prefer having one same account where I can have all the same thing down here.. I sure not many wish to go peek into another site.

Photobucket and Flickr maybe a solution but due to limited upload, I sure having my own hands full when having to hot link them, and sometime the picture may be deleted off without warning. The current one I using is Picasa Webs Album, which is a very good option to upload Photo.

Well, until I can fix to either one or another photo service, I will be on Hiatus for a while, but not for too long.

I did mentioned that I will be very busy for a while, but I will be posting over my Facebook when I got the time.

Well, I wouldn't say no to free donation so I can update my Blog as well. ($_$ ) ..

But as for now, about time to doing back some stuffs.

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