Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Report 6 November 2012

I once did a Report on Straps, and what I show was some simple Common Straps which got Anime Characters Printed on them.

This time, there will some other kind and type of Straps, and we will be doing some simple peeking around, to check which got me Sparkly Eye.

Well, There are some straps which got Anime Characters on them, which make them Mini Figurines, which one can also find them as Key-chain too.

You may remove the chain on the tip of their head and place them as your decoration instead.

I got a few myself, and they look better to place at home, but I'm sure they would love to take a breeze outside with your Walking Session instead.

Toy'sworks Strap Collection - Niitengo SisterS THE IDOLM@STER @Amiami

Those Idol just look so cute and great to bring them away, though I wonder how they will sing for you.

Considering that this come in a set, a cost of around 3,000 Yen to 4,000 Yen isn't a bad bargain for a strap collection.

You may choose to use one different straps per days or use them as decoration instead.

Another common Straps would be the Rubber Straps, which also may be commonly seem on Key-chain.

Another - Rubber Strap @Amiami
-Mei Misaki Outside Ver.
-Mei Misaki Goodnight Ver.

I did mentioned that Straps may be used as Key-chain, which I once did use it to increase my Keys Otaku Level.

The Rubber Straps Version of those Characters are design to look Chibi and Kawaii, which is very common design, but they just look so great next to any Hand-held Console or Phone.

And This Mei Misaki got her ready to go Outside Mode which you can bring along for walking session, and her ready to Sleep Mode which you may place at home. She may or not wish you a goodnight though.

Of course, the common design straps got few which attracted my attention, and I like how cute it is.

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb - Strap @Amiami

I like how the design on both side can be so cute, and they cost 890 Yen each which isn't a bad grabbing, but having all one go will hurt your wallet instead. If you wish to know on how to use one, read my previous report on straps.

Well, Straps are instead very useful, and with the design of Cute Characters on them, it no wonder why there are Straps collectors too.

I do own a few myself, which I choose to decorate them on my Wardrobe / Bookshelf instead, since I can't place one on my iPhone.

And my Keys is hidden somewhere in my bag.

There are also some cute small Trading Figurines if you want.

Toy'sworks Collection Niintengo Premium - Etrian Odyssey III @Amiami

They are indeed Chibi and Kawaii for a Trading Figurine which I did consider about Grabbing them.

There are also some other cute Figurine which I did mentioned on my previous Figurine Report, and those cute figurines may or not help improve your eyesight. That same go for the Straps too.

With so many Cute Straps and small figurines on hands, you may consider grabbing along a small Scissor bags to place those stuffs in.

Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere - Scissor Bag @Amiami

I know they are use to hold Scissor, but the design on them look so cute that you can also attach a few Straps to it to increase it Otaku Bag Level.

This way, the bag would look very presentable, and very cool too. It isn't daily to see anyone holding a Scissor Bag with many straps attach to it.

The Scissor bags cost around 2,830 Yen each and it made of Nylon, which is very durable. I would like to grab this for normal usage.

As far as I peeked, got any Cute Anime Goods got your Sparkly Eyes Activated?

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