Saturday, November 3, 2012

Celebrating Imouto's Birthday and Halloween

In case you're wondering at what I been Biting for the past few days, I would say that they are very tasty Bites.

My Family did celebrated my Imouto's Birthday, which both her Lunar and Normal Birthday are on the same days.

If you want to know mine, they are 1st of April for Lunar, and 5th of May for Normal, and I know I like April Fool and Being young at heart for Celebrating Children Days.

Don't really get to have tasty bite in any time since Saving up bits by bits, and I afraid my Wallet might leak a hole for the upcoming AFA Singapore 2012.

But I would still like to grab a few stuffs myself.

Just a few more days for a Long Weekend Walking Session, which I need to store up Money and Energy for it.

As for now is more and more Anime and Manga Peeking around, and I don't bite snack in between breaks. Even when we celebrate Halloween, I personally don't like Sweets expect for Chocolate.

As for my Imouto, She like Sweets but hate Chocolate. So don't ask anymore why we both did the opposite, She is a girl and I am a boy after all.

I know she may be the same as Chisato of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, But my Imouto just can't eat chocolate, and for me, I may like Sugar, but I don't know why I hate Sweet.

It a habit since young for both of us in the first place, so that is why I also not sure why. And due to that, the Cookie and Cream Cake is mostly bitten by me, and good thing it a very small cake.

Sweets and Chocolates can store for days.

My mum had mentioned that my Imouto had a collection of Winnie the Pooh, so this time, I given her the Razer Black Widow Keyboard, and some nice clothings bought during one of the Walking Session to Bugis.

I really do want to wear the Long-sleeve Turtle-neck T-Shirt, but my mum just don't allow it, unless it for walking Session, and I been wearing my Dark Armor, which greatly keep me warm from the cold of past few day.

Well, there been some hot period in between too, and I wonder why Xiong Mao can still sleep warmly and soundly. Taken a few photo of him, and make a few noise, he would just ignored me and continue to sleep. (TT_TT)

Well, there are Games, Anime and Manga waiting for me, and I currently taking a few re-peeking at past Series, for both Anime and Manga.

May Sound crazy for time wasting, but that is due to some latest series for Anime are actually what I been Manga Peeking before they set off their Flight.

Well, there are some Anime Goods Peeking since my Iphone 4 Casing decided to open it mouth and vomit out my Iphone.

I using a normal rubber casing for now, and there is a cute Neko on it, and I really like how it cling on to my Iphone. Well, I might also consider grabbing a Mirai Carry Cases as a backup too.

Well, there will be a lot of peeking during the AFA events, and I really looking forward to it, and there is a Culture Japan Night the following Monday,

As for now, Time for some more Anime and Manga Peekings

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