Monday, November 5, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 5 November 2012

Let take a Peek into at those Small and Cute Figurine before one or two Normal Figurines.

Well, there was some pictures, be it Real or Fake, that Peeking at Kawaii (Cute) things can improve your eye sight.

Well, peeking at Green stuffs was what I know, but peeking at Cute Stuffs?

Maybe we need a few cute figurines to peek upon, and a few cool nice figurines to check if the rumor is true, and maybe it can or not help improve our Concentrating, Sparkly or Peeking Eyes.

First off the line, let start at Vocaloid Nendoroid, and there are 2 new nice and kawaii Nendoroid ready for Clean Hands Grabbing.

Vocaloid Nendoroid @Amiami

Well Miku is more commonly well know around Vocaloid, Lily is slowly gaining her population and she is a nice characters to the Vocaloid Family.

Well, her hair and look stand out very nicely, and I really like the Face Expression for this Nendoroid, especially when there is a (*A*) expression which is my favorite.

Of course we can't forget about Miku but it seem like she gotten fatter instead. 

Well, this character is well know for Miku Dayo, who was originally created after the Costume which suppose to look like Miku was too fat to look like her.

If you are a Miku Lover, Fan or Collector, then you might want to grab this Nendoroid, as this is another newly Created Miku where she seem too fat to be the original. But there is the cute side to her. As for now, I would prefer to grab Lily, since she just too cute not to grab.

There are also some other Nendoroid which you can grab too, and initially what got me notice this was her Neko Hairband.

Kanna Tanigawa Nendoroid @Amiami

She in School Uniform, and that Neko Hairband just made her Cuteness went up a lot.

I like how those Nendoroid being so cute, plus this Figurines can walk on 4, which got me.

It isn't everyday you get to see a cute Nendoroid crawling about but this Nendoroid is really cute with her pose.

And Don't forget one thing, don't make her Cry.

If you prefer not to have Nendoroid, maybe you may consider grabbing some Cute Magical Girl sitting down, and there is a collection for it.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Petanko Special Package @Amiami

They all just sit so nice, and their cute face may actually magically improve your Eye Sight. For a collection set of 10,480 Yen, you may purchase each girl individually, or you can use the Money to buy some Cute Nendoroid instead. But the choice depend on you.

Those Cute girls might magically help you when you really need one.

If you're want to go for Cool instead of Cute, maybe Saber might be the one you looking for.

Fate/Zero: Saber @Amiami

This figurine really very good for Clean Hand Grabbing plus the cost is at 5,510 Yen over at Amiami, which is consider cheap for a figurines which have many customization parts.

She can do many different pose though it at a fixed position, but considering that it come with a nice and tall Base, it worth the kill.

And she do have all 3 kind of her Excalibur, so she really ready to kill anyone that stand againist her or on her way / path to Victory.

Maybe at the end of Saber's Path is a goal with a very cute and nice girl who going to announce Saber's Arrival.

QQ Hisha Orange @Amiami

I like to drive a fast car and pass her so she can wave that flag, and you better not stand too close to her or she will use that Mic on your ear.

In anway, Orange sure got a nice body to reveal herself and ready to help out in any Race Car Competition.

Her costume design is very nice, and I like how she pose, as if she ready for the race herself. But what got me wondering is how she can stand for so long with just one leg.

I'm sure there would be car accident during the race, and the reason is that many drivers staring at her since they want to have their Eyesight improve greatly.

Maybe we can peek at some nice pretty girl in their swimsuit, which might or not also help to improve our eyesight.

-Kanna Tanigawa @Amiami
-Remon Yamano @Amiami

I not sure what Kanna is holding in her hand, but better not let Remon record what Kanna did to you in her Camera.

Well, their pose is very, and between the 2 of them, I would choose the nice Blue since it my favor color. Still, best not stare at them for too long, else you might get shoot.

I know staring at Cute, Pretty and/or Cool stuffs might / not help improve your Concentrating, Sparkly and Peeking Eyes, but do note that there is a limit to staring. It isn't like you will get Psychic Power out of the blue.

As far as I peeked, have your set your Eyes on any of the Figurines to help improve your Eyesight yet?

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