Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 17 November 2012

With some Nice and Cute Figurines that is on the Run, there are also Cool Figurines that look so irresistible not to Clean Hand Grabbing them.

And though I had Grabbed Black Rock Shooter TV Version of Figma and Nendoroid, it seem like she will be having some of her Friends ready to set Flight.

Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver. @Amiami

Saw this personally during Walking Session at AFA 2012 / Culture Japan Night, and surely enough it the same as BRS herself, with the design based off the TV version.

And she sure look very dangerous to get near with that Dangerous Weapons she holding on too. Also her Action seem easier to touch with as her Claw is big enough unlike BRS, and she only got her Sword only.
There are also some who look so Dangerous Nice at the same time, and I really must praise the Sculptor for having such a nice Face Expression for this Figurine.

Hacker (Chelsea) @Amiami

Wearing a Lotita Dark style and on top of having that Glum Expression and her dragging Bunny, she sure is a very nice Figurine to invite to Party.

Just becareful when she touch your computer, or she will hack into your secret folder and threaten you with it.

But in anyway, she still a reliable person to ask for help in time of need.

Doesn't like that style? Then how about we lighten up the color?

Altina Mel Sylphis @Amiami

For an Archer, she sure got a very bright Face Expression, which is one of my favor Expression on top to that costume.

Mixing White and Bright Blue is also happened to be my Imouto's favor Color too, and Altina sure know when to strike.

She would also look great when standing next to Sakuya and Aira, which would surely made you wish to be in their party.
Some girls can look so Dangerous Nice and to think that some even have untold Secret like being an Alien from far far away planet.

Ichika Takatsuki @Amiami

Well, she look like a normal human though she is an Alien, which is kind of Nyaruko or Lala.

They sure got the Technology which seem very dangerous, but they do have a human heart and they do know what is Love.

Those who like Alien, School Uniform or Ichika herself, then this might be one nice Grabbing, since she herself is letting out her own Clean hand.

There is also another cute girl in her uniform, though she is wielding her Hammer and along with her is 2 ghosts.

Koto (Kyousogiga) @Amiami

For someone who is hyperactive, swinging that huge Hammer isn't a laugh, and it best to avoid her when she doing some damages.

She is cute to grab with and place at home, so she can help to keep guard your hiding spot from those spirit / ghost.

She still wearing her nice uniform which I wonder if Wooser would loved to have but I think he will received the end of the Hammer instead.

Enough with dangerous girls, and we need some Cute harmless girl instead!

Minicchu IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls 01 BOX @Amiami

They sure pose nicely and look ready to sing along, and made me want to open up my own Vocaloid Collection set instead.

Those girls are quite the playful kind to fit on nicely on the Clean Hand, and I made their cuteness may help to improve my Sparkly Eyes.

One last nice peek of a girl in swimsuit before I close off this figurines report again.

Makoto Kikuchi @Amiami

The beach Queens series sure never fail to amaze me of those Anime girl in nice Swimsuit, and I actually wonder why Makoto want to pose as a Neko when taking that shot.

Maybe you can lure her with a fish out of no where and she will be there. She do seem like the active person with that kind of cute pose too. And her black / white swimsuit sure suit her nicely.

As far as I peeked, any of those girls did get your Sparkly Eye Activated due to their Dangerous Cuteness?

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