Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Danny Choo Learning Japanese Experience

Did went to listen to Danny Choo talking about his Experiences on how he learn Japanese and how it helped him.

As based from him, it is one of the easier Languages to learn, and from what I've seen, I do know some of the languages and it is easy to pick up, but in order to fully know the languages.

One must make it a necessity.

There are many ways to improve the lanugage, which is very common is via Manga / Anime, which one will either go for Subs / Raws. Going for the Raws meaning that for Manga, there is only Japanese Words, though there might be a few "Chinese" which is actually Kanji. Anime wise will be listening carefully to the Voices of the Characters.

I 'm under the seconds option where I can listen and understand a bit, but I tend to either misunderstood or misspoken.

Oba-san and Obaa-san might look the same, but one is "Aunt" and the latter being "Grandma".

Danny Choo did mentioned that he always bring along some Japanese Books / Notes and read them in between Travels / Breaks.

That including Toilet Breaks where he had pasted Japanese Words in order to learn them.

One of the Hot Seller; Moekana, had become one of the great ways to learn Japanese and due to it Cute design, Folks in Japan also bought some to let their Children learn Japanese the Fun way,

I wish my RAM can process faster and Harddisk stored those words in one shot, so I don't need to learn and learn them over and over since I tend to forget and don't speak or use them often.

Which is why Danny Choo mentioned if there is a Japanese speaking shop / jobs, you can try applying for that so that you can learn and pick up the languages as you'll be using them almost daily.

I tend to speak to the Mirror instead and looking though Sites via Google to know those Japanese wording. Reason being that I tend to misspeak those words.

Well, learning it varies from different person, and I actually the Practical type than the Theory type, though I like to explained the theory type more after I learned more via the Practical type. Yes, I am the reverse of learning things.

Well, learning about some new ways to learn Japanese can be very interesting and I do met up with some new and old friends on that same days after the talks. Plus my thanks to a new friends for taking those nice photo and passing a few to me so I can blog on this. Please don't mistaken that I am stalking on Danny Choo, it just that the bookshelf are blocking the way only. o(>_<)o

As for now, if you wish to learn Japanese, work hard and made it be a part of daily need and that should do.

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