Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 18 November 2012

This Week was sharing some of my Peeking, so next week will be on some of the stuffs which I invited.

I did went to try and peek on some nice stuffs, and there Anime Peeking along with Manga and Light Novel.

There just so many nice stuffs to try out and to think that I received a call from my Friends that my missing one piece of Keycap had arrived!

Also I do need to take a rest after so many Peeking and Walking around, so I will be going slowly on posts for a few day, but that doesn't mean I'll not be updating it.

Most probably doing some simple changes to the blog while I'm on it.

I still got my Randomness Mind still active, so for now, let take a little peek at what I been up do for the week.

A Little Peek

Figurines Reports


I still got my plan and schedules a bit tied up at the moment, so I will be away from my Hiding Spot at different timing, and to think that I want to get started on my Dual Gundam.

Even taking photo will be taking some time, and I was hooked on some DS games myself.

But Anime and Manga Peeking are still on, with some latest episodes released for Streaming / DL / Torrent.

As for now, maybe some dinner before that.

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